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Motherhood Ten Years Apart: What a Difference!


Happy Wednesday, again! I struggled to think of what to share with you all today until I came across a photo of myself with my son (B) from ten years ago. Sometimes I scroll through my FB memories in photos and just smile. I noticed the above photo was taken ten years ago, and I was really struck by how young I look. I was twenty-nine in that photo. Ten years later, I feel so much older, and look it, too.

It feels strange and wonderful to be sitting here with a baby again, ten years later. I'm older, wiser, and know a lot more about parenting than I did at twenty-nine. I'm glad to have the chance to do it all again with this knowledge and patience in hand- and with older kiddos who are amazing helpers. Gah, life is just so unpredictable despite my best-laid plans. I can only imagine that God gets the biggest kick out of my planners, to-do lists, and goal sheets. 

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. You don't look older! I know what you mean about feeling it, though. I had my 1st child at 27 and then my 4th when I was 39 and there was definitely a difference in my energy levels.


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