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Math Programs in Singapore


Primary Math should be taught using Singapore Primary Math (K-6), which comprises a lifespan of ten years. These two textbooks are full-color and carefully correlated with two black-and- white workbooks.

Sonlight has also developed unique Home Instructor's Guides for the Primary Math programs 2A-6B, as explained below. Because of the low level of difficulty of the primary math books and workbooks, there is no need for student guide or teacher's book.

Each year of Singapore Math (Primary 1-6) contains two full-color textbooks and two black-and-white workbooks. Sonlight has developed unique Home Instructor's Guides for the Primary Math programs which bridge the gap between textbook and workbook.

The guides lay it all out for you: we list exactly what you'll cover, pages you'll reference, as well as numerous exercises to reinforce the concepts your children will learn.

How to engage students with in Singapore:

If you are looking for a good math program to keep your children engaged, ensure they get ahead and prepare them to tackle the challenges of mathematics as they progress through their academic years, consider Singapore Math.

Research has shown that this program is world renowned and consistently provides excellent learning outcomes for students worldwide due to its rigorous approach, engaging content and child-friendly support material.

The online learning system itself is not the only secret - a strong learning foundation provides students with a firm grasp on the fundamentals of arithmetic from the early stages of education. Learn more online with ESM.

While Singapore Math® is generally a year "ahead" during each subject (the average in the U.S.), if your child is ready for more advanced topics, it can be very helpful to use a supplemental program like Singapore Math's Supplementary material or IXL to build your child’s math base even further prior to progressing onto the next book in their course!

Math teacher in Singapore

It’s interesting to note how the success of the Singaporean model is attributed in large part to their teacher training, high-quality instructional materials and the collaborative learning environments they promote. 

In primary school, a typical Singapore Math teacher focuses on a teaching method called problem-based learning where one is trained to think logically and work collaboratively. They typically teach some 40 students hence it’s hard to imagine how such a small group can engage in PBL but they clearly manage to do so despite having such big classes.

If we teachers want our students to engage in these types of instruction then we need professional development and lots of it. It's interesting to note that the success of Singapore Math (Singapore Standards) can in large part be attributed to the strong training and support educators receive in regard to using the program read more about it.

Educators have access to professional development workshops and detailed instructional materials. The program also aims to enhance collaborative learning opportunities. The goal is for students to visualize concepts rather than memorize facts, while there are many ways a teacher can manage teaching a class of more than 30 students at once.

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  1. I use to teach using Singapore Math and absolutely LOVE it!


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