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In Vitro Fertilization Services In Nordic Countries


Every year, many women find themselves trying to conceive their first or second child with unsuccessful results from their bodies. In these cases, it could mean that they would need to resort to fertility treatments such as IVF, which might not be available at their country of residence.

Fertility clinics are specialized healthcare institutions that offer treatment for infertility problems using similar techniques but using human eggs and sperm instead of animal eggs and sperm. Several countries in Europe, such as Denmark, have much better IVF services than those in the US.

The IVF process, considered a very difficult one, is conducted under stringent standards that have to be met. This process aims to produce as many healthy babies as possible for women who cannot become pregnant otherwise or when no other natural methods work. When conducted at a high-quality IVF center, it is estimated that a pregnancy occurs around 92% of the time. The pregnancy rate at such centers is generally higher than the national average. The success rates of IVF are also higher than natural births.

Fertility treatments in the Nordic countries, they are expensive and complicated to obtain, but most are worth going through. Once you start a family with a biologically yours child, much of the pain and heartache will be forgotten.

If you happen to travel to Sweden or other Nordic countries, it might be helpful to know some of the most reputable clinics that offer IVF services:


Livio was founded in 1980 but rebranded in 2000 to Livio AB under IVF-Kliniken Stockholm. Until recently, the parent company was called IVF Sverige, and the names of the clinics were IVF-Kliniken and Fertilitetscentrum. After an extensive rebranding process, Livio changed its name in January 2018 to Livio and the clinics to Livio Reykjavik and Livio Fertilitetscentrum. After that, the organization has expanded to include seven private fertility clinics and a maternity clinic in Sweden, one in Norway, one in Iceland, and a research firm. 

Livio is a medical clinic specializing in all infertility areas, including diagnosis and treatment options for women and men suffering from the inability to conceive. It offers the most advanced infertility treatments available, including donation program, pattern insemination, stimulation of ovulation, and fertility work-up procedures. It also provides affordable in vitro fertilization (IVF) programs to patients throughout Nordic countries.

The medical experts at Livio clinic believe only the highest quality treatment options should be made available to their patients, so IVF is one of their specialties. In addition, they offer multiple IVF procedures on every cycle to help improve their patient's chances of getting pregnant with a single procedure.

Carl von Linné Clinic

Since 1990 Carl von Linné Clinic has been helping patients conceive. They have an innovative approach with caring personalized service that provides hope for couples who wish to start or grow their families.

The clinic has a team of fertility specialists and embryologists who look at each case individually. In particular, it has a customized treatment for every patient’s needs, including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, embryo freezing, egg freezing, donor eggs, and donor sperm.

The best clinic that offers vitro fertilization services in Sweden is here to help you solve your infertility problem. When combined with the several treatments they do annually, Carl von Linné Clinic is one of Scandinavia's most extensive IVF facilities. The clinic has assisted more than 11,258 children globally. To enhance the pregnancy results, the staff at this clinic are actively involved in extensive research and have managed to publish scientific research journals. 

Ava Clinic

Ava Clinic has a long and varied history of success in infertility treatment. They are world-renowned specialists in their field. Their professionals regularly develop their knowledge and improve their skills by collaborating with colleagues in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Spain and attending several international symposia and seminars.

You can carry out all the tests in your home country without having to worry about them under the supervision of your doctor. That means you can travel to Riga for the embryo transfer without any problems. Such an idea helps patients save their time and money and helps them continue with their normal pace of life and work schedule.

At the Ava Clinic, both donor ovum and donated sperm may be used in the same procedure. That is critical for couples requesting two donor gametes for treatment. The clinic's primary goal is to help so many people who want to become a parent, and our solution is valuable for women without male partners. Further, this facility has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate, guaranteeing safety, confidentially, and quality of its services. 

Ava Clinic prides itself as the clinic with the most IVF success rates in Sweden. They have achieved a very high rate of pregnancy success on all their patients who have completed IVF treatment. Since they know how anxious couples can feel before an IVF cycle begins, they offer patient-centered care and treatment tailored to your needs.

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