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Hess Releases My Plush Hess Truck: 2022 Choo-Choo Train for Collectors and a New Generation


Thank you to Hess for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Collectors and fans of HESS, this one's for you! Just this week, Hess released its brand new collectible My Plush HESS Truck 2022 Choo-Choo Train, and it's the most adorable thing we've seen in our house (aside from our new baby) in quite a while! This cute plush truck joins several other favorites which have quickly sold out upon their releases in previous years.

The collectible plush that's fun for all ages!

Even big kids love this cute plush Hess truck choo-choo train!

'Mom, is this for me!?' my 11-year-old asked with wide eyes as he sat down to take a good look at this year's new Hess toy truck plush release. I couldn't help but smile. I love it when my biggest kid reminds me that he is indeed still a kid. That's what kids everywhere will feel like (big and little alike) when they get their hands on this fun new plush toy.

Exclusively available at hesstoytruck.com, this adorable truck choo-choo train is perfect for all ages. It's soft and plush- tons of fun for little fans to squeeze on. Not only is it fun to hug, it also includes lights and sounds! It comes ready-to-play with batteries included. Just a quick click off and on and the train lights up and turns off- super easy for little hands. The bold colors of this cute plush train will catch your little one's eye, for sure!

An adorable gift for birthdays, Easter baskets, or just because!

I know a few train enthusiasts who would absolutely love this cute plush train. For now, my three kiddos will have to wrangle it away from their six-month-old baby sister if they want a turn playing with it. Luckily, they all share beautifully!

Additional features:

Amazingly fun and safe for all ages with features that include squeeze-activated flashing LED lights, two familiar sing-along songs, an auto 15-minute shutoff nightlight, silent mode, and an easy-grab engine stack. The 2022 commemorative license plate and accompanying personalizable keepsake train engineer license tag follows the Hess Toy Truck collectability tradition.

We adore this fun toy, and look forward to sharing it for playtime with cousins when they come over to play soon! It's easy to see why these HESS plush toys are so well-loved and have quickly sold out in the past. Be sure to grab one for your collection, or to give as a gift so someone else can add it to theirs- or start their collection!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Hess Toy Truck to get your 2022 Choo-Choo Train for $34.99. 
You can even add a gift wrap option and ship it as a gift!

Be sure to follow Hess Toy Truck on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss the fun of what these cute toys have to offer!

Who would you love to share this adorable plush toy truck train with?

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