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Go-Go Gadget Guard & Protect Electronics this Spring


Many thanks to Gadget Guard for sending these great products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Ahh.. it's almost spring! Hopefully for those of us in the south, that doesn't mean we are suddently induated with green yellow stuff in the air, but alas, we still yearn for the longer days, the sunnier and warmer weather, and those times we can spend outdoors.

This spring, protect your gadgets when you head outdoors with Gadget Guard! No matter whether you are hanging out on the front porch or in the back yard with your kids flying t-balls, Gadget Guard will help protect your phones with the latest screen protectors, camera protectors, and cases.

I recently upgraded my cell phone and have wanted to be super careful with protecting this new gadget. I hardly ever get brand new models (like that just came out in 22) so this is super important to me.  

Gadget Guard sent me:

  • a Screen Protector that is the perfect size for my new Samsung S22
  • A Camera protector to help keep the back cameras from hitting the floor or table
  • A brand new container of Tech Clean- for all those pesky sneezes that pollen brings out!
Gadget Guard has some great iPhone camera cases and smart watch protectors as well! 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen protector can be purchased in three different types: Flex, Flex Privacy, and Liquid. The flexible protector claims to be shatterproof, 5 X stronger than glass, and has an antimicrobial coating. So far, after about a weekend of heavy use (including a trip to a church camp), this screen protector has held up well! 

While you are at it, don't forget to purchase Gadget GuardPlus. This extra fee allows you to register your phone and screen protector in case of breakage. If your screen's phone does break, you can receive either $150 or $250 credit towards the repair, depending on the GuardPlus purchased. Of course, you don't need to purchase this and can purchase the screen protector individually!

It's very easy to adhere! The glass is attached to an alignment tray that helps speed up the process. 

Don't forget to register your protector within 30 days of receipt. Registration offers 2 features: Lifetime replacement and credit towards a damaged phone screen.  

Camera Protectors.. if you just bought a new phone with super cool camera features, then you will want to protect the camera lens from scratches and dirt as much as possible!

The Camera Protector is an aluminum frame that wraps around your phone's cameras. It doesn't cover the camera, but it's designed to prevent scratches. Keep your pics clear and sharp with this simple to install feature! It also works well with cases! 

Tech Clean. We all know the joys of playing outside! Whether it's keeping your phone screen clear of dirt, smudges, or cleaning off germs. Tech Clean is definitely for you! This super simple spray kills 99.9 percent of the germs that end up on your phone.. including Covid! Grab your spray, grab your microfiber cloth, and get to cleaning that phone daily!

Tech clean doesn't harbor harsh chemicals. It isn't abrasive and won't destroy the coating on our phone screens.. and the best feature (in my opinion) is that it's environmentally friendly! It is designed to use around children and people too. 

I've used Gadget Guard for many past items and definitely recommend this company. Their phone protectors and cleaning agents hold up so well! Unfortunately, they don't often have cases for androids but I'm sure they are just as great as the current Otterbox I have. 

This Easter, don't forget to put a Gadget Guard item in the basket for extra protection and extra peace of mind! Finger/ Phone Grips, Screen and Camera Protectors, and cases will help with loads of fun while searching for whatever the Easter bunny decided to hide in your yard!

Want it? Get it!

Find the Samsung Galaxy S22 Protector  and other Gadget Guard items in their shop. 

Don't forget to follow Gadget Guard Socials! 
You never know when you will need an upgrade and need screen protection! 

Do you have a gadget that needs protecting this spring?

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