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Do You Juice?

If you've considered purchasing a juicer, check out my thoughts on this pricey but worthy endeavor.

I purchased my juicer about five years ago on Amazon. I went with a mid-level juicer which still set me back a good bit!

That being said, I'm so thankful to have it. It runs well and even after being shelved for four years, it runs like a dream. Juicers are not for nap time. If you're a mama, you know what I mean. They are loud and bulky. They take up a lot of space wherever they are stored and there are multiple parts involved. It's a bit of a commitment to buy a juicer and use it consistently. For this reason, my juicer sat on a shelf the last four years. 

However, recently I decided I wanted to get back into juicing and create morning shots for my family! My favorite juice with my personal desired health benefits is the orange juice. 


Ginger root
Turmeric root

The result is citrus forward with a bit of spice from the roots. This juice is packed with nutritional benefits for digestion, immunity, skin and so much more. There are countless ways to juice and I feel like I'm just now getting started. 

Do you juice? I would love to hear from our readers! Juicing is an incredible way to intake the earth's goodness without actually having to eat the food itself. Juicing is popular in the bariatric community for this very reason. 

I'm off to take my shot!




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