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Choose the Right Cashmere with These 4 Tips


Few things are considered more luxurious in the world of clothing than pure cashmere. This soft, plush fabric can typically be identified at first touch, and its sleek, velvety appearance looks equally stylish and cosy no matter how it’s worn.

When shopping for a cashmere piece, it’s important to be able to identify high-quality, authentic material from poorly made or even fake cashmere fabric. Read on for tips to help you recognise and choose the right piece for you and your closet.

1. Look for Legitimacy

Though a garment may look and feel like cashmere, the only way to truly tell is to take a look at the label to ensure it's the only fibre listed. Clothing companies are obligated by law to accurately label their garments, and if any other speciality wool is listed on the label, such as vicuna, camel hair, mohair, alpaca, or llama, it cannot be considered 100 % cashmere.

Speciality wools vary in texture, consistency, origin, and quality. Cashmere wool comes from the fine undercoat hairs of Cashmere goats. A true, authentic piece will list cashmere as the fibre content as opposed to wool alone or a wool blend that includes a percentage of these fibres. Such pieces may be labelled as fine cashmere blends as opposed to fine cashmere garments, a distinction that is important when identifying pure fabrics.

2. Check the Brand

While there are many clothing companies that offer cashmere garments, only a few endeavour to verify their fabrics to ensure the wool is truly authentic. Look into the company to discover where they source their cashmere wool and how they establish its credibility as 100 % pure. Different areas of the world, such as China, Iran, and Mongolia, are more likely to produce high-grade fibres that are less likely to be scratchy or pill severely over time, and companies like the one found here take principled steps to be certain their fabrics are supreme.

3. Assess the Features

Like any choice in the fashion world, what you select is largely a matter of taste. As you’re shopping, take your personal tastes into consideration when selecting a cashmere piece.


Because cashmere is a durable and lasting fabric, especially when well-cared for, it’s likely to last for years and years. Any garment that is built to last should not only withstand the tests of time when it comes to sturdiness, but also style. An investment as worthwhile as a cashmere piece should be something you’ll want to wear over and over again for a very long time.

Be sure to choose a classic colour that will allow you to don the garment in a variety of situations and with several other pieces in your closet to make sure you make the most of your cost per wear.


Cashmere is well-known for its buttery softness, and can even soften over time with wear. Keep this in mind as you select a piece. Ideally, your garment will remain as soft as the day you first slipped it over your shoulders. However, it won’t remain as silky and smooth without proper care. Cashmere cannot simply be thrown into the washing machine. When you purchase your first piece, consider investing in a specialised comb to minimise pilling and keep the fabric in great condition.


The difference between single-ply and two-ply cashmere yarn is considerable when you’re shopping with warmth in mind. Two-ply, or even three-ply, yarn will yield a stronger, softer, and warmer garment than single-ply counterparts, which can increase the lifespan of the piece and add increased insulation to keep your body warmer and cosier.

4. Consider Your Style

At the end of the day, you will want to choose a piece that can be worn nearly year-round and on many occasions. No matter your budget, cashmere is an investment for your wardrobe, and whatever you select should feel like a staple piece you will want to wear time and time again.

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