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Be Worry Free With BeeFree Warrior Snack Mix + Giveaway!


Thanks to BeeFree for sending these great snacks in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Eating well and clean is a slow journey in this day of snack foods on the go, preservatives, and things that make our lives faster and "easier". Yet, the risks for those with allergies, sensitivities, and those that just want to live healthier is much great. 

I'm far from a lean, paleo diet but I have been trying to navigate the world of heathier snacks that still taste well too. BeeFree Warrior snacks are designed to fuel the body with great energy and great products without all the filler stuff we often find in snacks.

Made by a mom with a purpose to provide her son with gluten free and dairy free snack items, BeeFree Warrior has emerged into a wonderful company providing us with nutritious mixes made of nuts, honey, and seeds. There are no oats, no preservatives, no filler products. Only the pure best ingredients are found in Warrior mixes. 

Not only does BeeFree offer healthy products, they also offer jobs to adults with autism as part of their commitment to support persons (and families) that deal with the challenges of autism every day. 

BeeFree Warrior mixes would make a perfect Mother's Day snack! They are full of nutrients that will fuel the body through the day with the great protein, flavors, and slight sweetness offered in each bag. 

Try out the original Auggie's Warrior mix, named after son, August, for a great snack full of a hint of honey sweetness and crunchy goodness found in the almonds and seeds. This granola mix can be used as a stand alone snack, added to your favorite yogurt, or even made into protein bars if that's your thing!

Now, normally I love all things chocolate. In this case, I absolutely love the original Auggie's mix and the Hagen's Berry mix. Not that the chocolate isn't good- but the flavorful combination in each of the other two mixes immediately grabbed my senses! 

For a different variation, 3 other flavors are available: Clay's Chocolate Buzz, Hagen's Berry, and Mae's Apple Pie. Each has it's own variation of nuts, seeds, and products to make it taste superb but also be shelf stable! Packages come in resealable bags, are great for being on the go in the car or sitting in your office! 

All mixes are free of dairy, refined sugar, trans-fat, soy, gluten, and are plant based. Main ingredients include nuts, seeds, coconut oil, vanilla/ almond extracts, and cocoa (for the chocolate mix). 

If you are looking for a great snack to fuel mom so that she can continue to be the best mom she can be, then BeeFree Warrior Mixes are for you! 

We are proud to include BeeFree Warrior in our Mother's Day Gift Guide. Check out all the amazing Mother's day items and products over in our 2022 Mommy's Block Party Mother's Day Gift Guide! 

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Want it? Win it!

Two lucky MBP readers will win a variety of BeeFree Warrior Mixes. The variety pack will come with 1 9 oz bag each of the original, berry, chocolate, and apple pie mix. 

Open to US residents, 18+ only. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policy page for more details. Use the handy dandy Rafflecopter below to gain entries into the giveaway.

Special thanks to BeeFree Warrior for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!


  1. "What's your favorite nut or seed?" We very much enjoy cashews, especially the ones coated with honey and sugar! Nature is a marvelous thing!

  2. My favorite are cashews and peanuts.


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