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We're Still Here and Holding On


Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm not sure how we've reached mid-week so quickly? Honestly, these weeks where I get to have my hubby home in the evenings fly by so super fast. I think the universe enjoys testing me... watching me handle one crisis after another, solo-parenting. More on that another day. I just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm still around. 

I've been busy trying to manage the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes things that happen here on Mommy's Block Party, while managing the day-to-day things that happen at home. I'm ready for spring. I'm tired of COVID. I'm done with packing lunches and spending half of my day doing laundry. I need to travel. I need a connection with people (face to face). I need to stop worrying about what will happen with school for my kiddos next year, and how we'll tackle re-emergence into life as a family of five rather than a family of four (it's so very different).

I have a baptismal celebration to plan, birthday parties to plan, spring break activities to plan, vacation/summer break to plan, and I feel so very behind. I'm usually the one who is 3-4 months ahead in planning. Having a baby this year has been such a beautiful blessing, but it's made me have to hit the pause button a lot, and if you know me at all, you know that I hate having to slow down or pause at all. In my mind, I have it all mapped out... it's the execution that presents a problem for the time being. It'll all work out as it's supposed to, I know. This is just sort of a quiet season, like winter, and I'm seeing little pops of color here and there in an otherwise dead landscape. Spring is coming, though- new life, rebirth, new hope, and energy to boot. I'm here for it. Are you?

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