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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Take Us Back


Happy Saturday, friends. We're on day 2 of an unexpected 3-day weekend. Yesterday we got some snowy, icy weather and the kids got the day off! We tested out an Easy Fruit Loop Bark recipe and just had an impromptu pj day. 

I will always be fond of unexpected 3-day weekends, but since this one is just a week after our last extended weekend, in which we got to visit with our Gram (aka Spaghetti Grandma) down in Florida, I'm struggling a little. I wish we knew ahead of time so we could have planned a quick trip back down. We have missed her since the moment we left and I wish we could be back there with her! More than that, I wish we could just go back in time and revisit the countless Sundays we spent with her. I really miss our Sundays with Gram. 

Instead, I will have to settle for sending snail mail and the too short phone calls. It's nowhere near the same, but it is absolutely better than nothing. 

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