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Valentine's Day Ready With Remington Pro 1" Multi- Styler With Twist and Curl Technology

Thanks to Product of the  Year for sending out this Remington product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Who out there in Mommy's Block Party land struggles with their hair? We all wish we had someone else's hair- whether it be fuller, thinner, longer, a different color, a different texture... it's almost part of our nature to wait to change our hair!

My hair is very thick (thanks to my dad's side), coarse, and hard to style. With southern humidity and never knowing what I'll be getting into, most of the time I just don't bother. Even on work days, if I leave my hair down, it can turn into a mess and just bother me all day. So I usually rock the ponytail or messy bun styles. 

When I do want to style my hair, finding the perfect stylers can be difficult. There are so many items out there on the market! 

Whether air-dried or blow dried, starting with dry hair is a must! 

When Product of the Year claimed that Remington's 1 " Multi- Styler was a great tool to use, I was apprehensive about another styling product. After all, don't we all have a collection of curlers, straighteners, and brushes that all claim to do the same thing? 

What intrigued me about this product was that it's a multi- styler. This makes it super easy to travel with, especially if you want different hair styles in the same journey. 

Learning where all the features are is important before beginning! 

So with this styler, the on/off button is located inside the blades. It's awkward turning it on and off, but this way, your thumb or fingers don't accidently turn the styler off while sectioning and curling. Just be careful not to touch the hot blade when turning it off! There is also a lock key, that when pushed towards lock, locks both of the blades together. 

Changing the temp/ heat setting is super easy! Twist the knob up (or if holding straight, to the right) to activate the heat sensor. The display changes from blue to red! Then twist the knob to the right (or up) to change the setting to your desired temp! 

The styler offers a heat sensory feature for various hair types. The recommendations are: 

150ºC-170ºC – For fine, damaged or bleached hair
170ºC-210ºC – Normal, healthy hair
210ºC-230ºC – Thick and difficult to style hair

The main display turns red when the heat sensory feature is activated. There is also the ability to lock in the setting so that the styler stays the needed temp the entire time you are using it. Setting the temp is super easy- twist the knob up / to the right, wait for the display color to change, then keep twisting to your desired temp. Hold the knob down/ to the left to lock the temp into place. 

The Pro Styler has 1 inch plates designed to guide the hair towards wavy/beachy or bouncy curls along with the ability to straighten hair. Curls have never held up much in my hair, so I decided to try it out first. 

Using this styler, begin with dry hair and section hair off according to your length, thickness, and desired outcome. The styler's plates are twisted to help guide the curl or wave you wish to achieve in your hair. 

Make sure to section your hair and determine how big you want your pieces to be. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl! 

Turning the styler 180 degrees in the direction you want your curl to go will help achieve the look. The instruction manual has great tips for achieving wavy or tight curls. Remington also suggests that the slower you guide the tool through your hair, the tighter your curl will be. The faster, the looser your curl will be.

Figuring out which direction to navigate the styler, how to turn, and how fast to let it glide through your hair helps determine the type of curl you achieve!

I do not have the greatest styling ability, so I used a couple of rainy cold afternoons to play in front of the mirror. The styler is easy to use once you figure out how to properly guide it through your hair. 

Final product! Not sure what the back looks like- sorry y'all, I live alone! 

I'd have to say, getting a bouncy curl was much more difficult than waves or plain straightening. Also, one thing I'll note is that I definitely need more practice curling my hair. Since I don't do it often, I wasn't sure how much the section should be, which way to turn,  how my hair would respond, etc. 

Take #2- final product! Usually my hair doesn't hold curl well, but this was nice! 

The Remington Pro Styler is great to straighten hair too! If I let my hair air dry, it becomes frizzy and unruly. Heck, sometimes just blow drying that creates issues too. I loved how the straightener feature made my hair feel smooth and tangle free! The style also stayed over a couple of days, which is a big deal in my book! 

Using the styler as a straightener is simple! This was on day 2! 

This Valentine's Day, if you are looking for a great hair styler to help you get festive, look no further than the Remington Pro 1 " Multi-Styler. Whether you are staying home for a fancy night in or heading out on the town, this styler will let you achieve all your hair dreams.. albeit, it might take a little bit of practice! This styler is super affordable and does a great job at curling and straightening! 

We are proud to feature Product of the Year's selection of the Remington Pro 1" Styler with Twist and Curl technology in our Valentine's Day Guide. Visit our 2022 Valentine's Day Guide for more great products! 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase your Remington Pro Styler to get great curls or straight hair! 

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How do you like to style your hair?

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