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The Most Common Types Of Car Injuries And What To Do Next


Car injuries are more commoner than we would like to believe. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA believes more than three million people are injured in automobile accidents every year.

If you wish to know what kind of injuries may affect you or what to do after a car accident in Illinois, continue to read this enlightening article.

8 commonest car injury types

Bodily injury refers to the physical damage sustained in a car accident. These are the most common forms of injuries you can receive;

  1. Soft tissue injury

It includes sprains and strains. Soft tissue damage can occur anywhere in the body, but mostly in the shoulder, neck, groin, or thighs. You can also experience pain, swelling, and spasms at the injury site.

  1. Whiplash injury 

Neck pain caused by whiplash injury is common after a car accident, especially in rear-end collisions. It occurs when the neck is forced forward and backward or from side to side very quickly.

  1. Head injury

An auto accident can cause head injury, leading to brain trauma. It occurs because of the violent rattling of the brain in the skull, damaging brain cells and tissue. It can cause physical symptoms, like bleeding, pain, and inflammation. But it can also cause psychological symptoms to manifest, like nausea, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, headache, ringing, etc. 

  1. Bruises 

A bruise occurs when an impact is forceful enough to rupture vessels beneath the skin. It is quite common in auto injuries.

  1. Fractures

 Fractures in fingers, hands, arms, or legs are pretty common in car accidents. Its symptoms include swelling, sudden pain, and an inability to move the injured area.

  1. Crush injury

In a car crash, something heavy may land on your wrist, hand, ankle, legs, or elsewhere, damaging bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This injury usually occurs in roll-over crashes. 

  1. Hip injury

Hips are composed of several bones and soft tissues that can be injured in a car accident. A blunt force trauma can cause dislocation, fracture, or tendonitis.

  1. Back injury 

Your back is susceptible to trauma, and its injuries may never properly heal. An automobile collision can severely damage a vertebra, joint, or disc.

What to do after getting injured in an automobile collision?

If left unaddressed, injuries caused by car accidents can cause immense pain, discomfort, medical problems, and even death. If the injuries are not too severe, you can start the documentation of evidence while waiting for medical help to arrive. However, if the injuries are too severe, you will want the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer to help you through the process. You can begin by following the steps below;

  • Get immediate medical treatment after a proper diagnosis. Follow through with the treatment regime as advised by the doctor.

  • Alert your insurance company that an accident has occurred and give them proof of injuries as soon as possible.

  • Gather details of all the damages, including medical bills and repair costs for your car or surroundings (if any).

  • Contact a lawyer specializing in car accidents to assist you with the case and ensure you receive fair compensation.

  • File an injury claim to recoup damages from the car accident efficiently. 

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