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Quality All The Way Down... 

Thank you to GRIP6 for providing me with sample products to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own. 

Hello dear readers!

This week I was given the fantastic opportunity to experience three different Grip6 products. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I got to try them out on my husband so the feedback below is mostly his. My husband is a big guy and likes everyday carry items that last. Of course, for him, and probably a lot of other husbands, things that last are items that can handle a lot of abuse.

The creation of the Grip6 company is a true tale of American ingenuity and drive. Born in the creator’s basement out of a simple need to have quality products that he wouldn’t have to fix or throw away in just a few months after buying them. This definitely appeals to me because my handsome guy breaks just about everything. Seriously, it’s like being married to Wreck-it Ralph.

 My husband got sick of his bulky wallet years ago and has been a wallet minimalist ever since. The problem is that they never last. This frustration has not driven him back to a traditional wallet though, just made him seek out even more minimal wallets. I use the term “wallet” loosely here. In the past, he’s used large paper clips but usually just big rubber bands. He says there’s no point in spending money on things that are just going to break when there’s an endless supply of rubber bands in the world. He uses rubber bands for everything. He likes to say his love of rubber bands is only rivaled by his love of Baby Ruth candy bars, whatever that means.

 I gave him the Grip6 wallet about 2 weeks ago to try out because I knew a true wallet skeptic would give me an honest review. 


 The first thing he noticed was the craftsmanship. The quality of the machined aluminum and the leather stitching was impressive. It wasn’t flimsy at all and heavier than he thought it would be. Right away he liked the internal lift system that gave him quick access to his cards, which he admitted was a feature his rubber bands were lacking. He also really appreciated that Grip6 makes 100% of their products right here in the USA.


Two weeks later:

He loves it! He says it may be the wallet he’s been searching for all his life...his soul wallet, if you will. The ease of access to his cards from both the leather jacket and the internal lift system make it a breeze to use and he loves that he can easily get it out of his front pocket using the metal loop. He also really enjoys the secure feeling the RFID blocking technology gives him which, again, is a feature his rubber band fails to provide. But his favorite thing about this wallet is its toughness and durability. This will last him a long time.

Next up are the Grip6 Wool Socks.


Once again, my husband really appreciates quality. Immediately after putting these socks on, he commented on how durable they felt compared to similar socks. After wearing them for a day he said there was a noticeable difference in how these socks supported his feet. The X-Form mid-foot elastic really provides nice arch support that made a big difference in his comfort level throughout the day. 


Finally, we have the Grip6 belt. 


I was really excited about this product because belts have always been a challenge for my husband. The leather ones always stretch out and just don’t do a great job in general. On occasion when he walks by our daughter, Annabelle likes to sing a parody song based on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” that she calls, “Daddy’s pants are gonna fall.” He thinks it’s hilarious. Annabelle is definitely the apple that didn’t fall far from his tree.