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Raising Readers: The Importance of Reading Together


When I found out that I was going to be a mom, I knew that I wanted my baby to be a reader. I read to my first baby when he was in the womb, and read to him as soon as he was out and in my arms. I've always thought it kind of funny for people to ask why we should read to babies when they 'can't understand' what we're saying. They understand far more than we think they do and are learning from the day they're born- all the more reason to speak to them correctly and treat them as people, rather than dolls. Instilling a love of reading in children starts at home, and there's no magic age to start reading to or with your child.

My kids love to read. They read independently, but they also love to read to one another or to be read to. Having two kiddos who can read to their baby sister is such a treasure. They don't think twice about scooping her up in their arms and cracking open a book. At just five months old, Baby S is intrigued by what she sees and hears and is engaging with her bro and sis as they read to her.

When my kids are offered rewards for behavior, good grades, or allowance money for helping to complete chores, a new book is always their first choice. A trip to the bookstore is a treat, and the library is a place filled with out-of-this-world adventures that my kids can't wait to embark on. Books come with us on every trip, every car ride (whether it's 10 minutes or far longer). Teaching my kids to read at an early age has helped them immensely in their speech, language development, understanding grammar, and has piqued their interest in other languages. My 11-year-old enjoys Latin, Italian, and has recently taken up learning German.

Building in time for reading is so important- no matter our age. In our home, we turn screens off after a certain point in the day. We've made it a priority to sit and eat meals together at the dining table, to have conversations that matter, and to discuss music, art, and literature with our kids. We work on building language skills after dinner and reading aloud before bed.

I may not get as much time as I like for personal reading, but I do make sure that I find time to read with my kids. We'll be starting our homeschool journey next year, and having two wonderful readers in my kids will be a huge help as we navigate learning at home.

Do you read to your kiddos? 
What are some of their favorite books to read?

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