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Mix Up Valentine's Day Drinks With Whiskee Straw


Thanks Whiskee Straw, for sending over the 2 piece set in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Are you tired of making your drinks at home just to get to the office, the park,  or out shopping and it's separated? This Valentine's Day, no matter whether you are home or on the go, sip your drinks in style with Whiskee Straw. 

Whiskee Straw came up with a marvelous concept: a straw that has a whisk attached to it! Created by a momma who was tired of using several different instruments to stir up her and her child's drinks, this straw will allow you to sip your to-go drinks and keep ingredients mixed together! 

Why Whiskee Straw?

  • Keep your drinks mixed easily with the whisk!
  • Limiting the need to carry utensils with you. 
  • A reusable straw that helps limit single- use plastic
  • Easily made drinks on the go!
Whiskee Straw offers 16 oz, 24 oz straws with removeable tips and a duo- package that comes with a straw cleaner. Traveler Bags are also available to store straws in. 

I was sent the duo- package with 1 each of a  16 oz and  24 oz straw plus cleaning brush to try out. 

Whiskee Straws can be used in any drink that needs mixing- protein shakes, milk shakes, water supplements, chocolate milk, and even special coffee drinks. Easily add your milk, sugar, and flavored syrups to any drink mix, and sip! 

I don't often created mixed drinks, but the Whiskee Straw would make a great resource when I might need extra electrolyte/ vitamin powders mixed into my water. We all know it takes a while for powder to dissolve, so having a whisk at the end of the straw will help avoid those inevitable clumps from forming! 

I do take powdered vitamin supplements when I feel run down or need extra boosts and try to be aware of that particularly on retreats and camp, so these would be great to have handy if I need to do a little bit of mixing when I'm out or traveling! 

Also, having a straw that is portable, easily cleanable, and reusable is always a plus for me! Sometimes, especially on road trips, it's hard to sip open tumblers without straws, so Whiskee Straws would be a great benefit to store in the car or in my bag. 

In a pinch, Whiskee Straw could even be used to create "adult" drinks, using the whisk to mix your flavorings and liquors together, to create that perfect Valentine's Day evening cocktail. 

Whiskee Straw would make perfect Valentine's Day gifts for the loved one in your life who is always on the go with a drink in their hand! Make life easier by whisking, mixing, and sipping! 

We are proud to feature Whiskee Straw in our Valentine's Day Guide. For more Valentine's Day product and gift ideas, head over to MBP to see our 2022 Valentine's Day Guide! 

Want it? Get it!

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