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Knowing Your Love Language

My husband asked me the other day if I knew my love language... I didn't. I know his is physical touch because boy is he handsy, but boy am I not. I really don't like being touched.  It makes me wonder how we can be compatible.  Have you ever asked yourself or your partner what their love language is? Are you able to guess it? If not why is it important to know? 

Marriage is about compromise and if we don't know what makes the other tick we can have a spousal disconnect. Needs can be subconsciously unmet because we don't take the time to realize the significance they play in our day to day. There are varying traits that we look for when picking a lifelong partner but knowing their needs keeps you lifelong partners.
My love language is quality time and no shock my husband's is physical touch. We compromise. We work opposite schedules and his 5 days on 2 days off and then 5 days on 3 days off schedule rarely coinsides wirn my days off, but he keeps one day off a week to spend time with me. We make plans to have a date day a few times a month. We may just do shopping, chores around the house, or sit in the same room doing our own thing but we are together. We hold hands in the car, walking through the store, or snuggle watching a movie. We may have a dominant love language but each of the 5 makes up a part of us.

Happy love month.

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