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Happy Valentine's Day From Your Favorite Blogging Gals

This checklist is a little different than what's currently hanging on your fridge. This is a Valentine's Day checklist for you. I hope you feel inspired and give yourself the time that you need to be your best so that you can be all that you desire to be, for others.

Value your worth. God did not make a mistake when He made you. 
Accept the moments that you wish never were. They shaped you.
Love yourself and others, unconditionally.
Encourage yourself during a trial in the same way you encourage a friend.
Nourish your mind, body and spirit with truth, health and prayer.
Trust always that God has not and will never leave you. 
Inspire the world with your sparkle!
New interest? Try it!
Engage with nature and you'll experience peace.
Serve someone in need.
Dream in a way that creates a positive impact.
Anticipate that things will improve.
YES. You are amazing.



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