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Cultivate a Fulfilling Life Plan to Become All God Intended for You with Create Your Own Garden of Eden by Elizabeth Mannette

When you take the time to discover God’s perfect plan for you, you can create a life that’s more meaningful and fulfilling than you ever imagined. Create Your Garden of Eden: Change Your World in 7 Days Like God Did will give you great insight into how to find your purpose.

Many professionals who seem to have perfect lives with great jobs, families, and relationships still suffer from questions of relevance, purpose, and significance. And it is often more difficult for them to find counsel and guidance within their church communities. 

Create Your Garden of Eden: Change Your World in 7 Days Like God Did was written by one such professional, Elizabeth Mannette, who was considered a star on the rise, yet she felt she was just going through life with no clear direction. And so, she set out to find her Purpose, her Big Why, and knew it had to be aligned with her Christian beliefs. 

The system Elizabeth used for over twenty years is documented in her book. Her goal is to help others, like her younger self, identify and clarify their purpose and chart their unique life to live out that purpose by following the Creator’s pattern in Genesis.  

The structure of the book mirrors Days One to Seven of Creation, with a precursor Day Zero, which was the world before Creation. Each chapter includes questions to prompt the reader to think deeply about the personal application of the concepts to their entire life or a specific area such as career, business, finances, health and fitness, ministry, or family. 

Create Your Garden of Eden takes you through a scripturally-inspired, 7-step process for creating a life that fulfills your divinely-appointed destiny and purpose. These steps mirror the process the Creator used in fashioning our amazing earth.

Here is an overview of the process and what you can expect from each step:

Chapter 0 – Assess Where You Are 

Chapter 1 – Light: Getting Clarity About Where You Want To Go

Chapter 2 – The Heaven Line: Be Motivated By High Standards

Chapter 3 – Plants: Plan for the Short, Medium, and Long Term

Chapter 4 – Heavenly Lights and Seasons: Be Guided By Light From Heaven

Chapter 5 – Fishes and Birds: Who Says You Have To Be the Same

Chapter 6 – Human and Animal Life: Your Masterpiece Reflects Your Best

Chapter 7 – A Time of Rest: Flow in What You Have Designed.

The chapter questions are compiled in a companion Workbook. A Bible Study Guide and a Yearly Planner are also offered. One online course has been created with specific worksheets which have been helpful to Elizabeth in her years implementing the process.

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