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  Thank you to Bedgear for providing me with sample products to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

My family and I are preparing to welcome our fifth child in just another month or so. There are ten years between this baby girl and our youngest so we've spent a lot of time researching the latest in infant sleep technology. With our vast experience in sleepless nights we've been determined to find the right products to ensure our baby gets a great nights' sleep which might make it possible for mom and dad to get one too!

Of course, getting a solid eight hours might not be something we can count on, but with Bedgear Air-X Mattress the health and safety of our little one is certainly something we can. The mattresses we’ve used in the past haven’t been great and I’ve always worried they're lack of breathabilty was a health hazard and negatively affected my baby’s quality of sleep.

Well, the founder of Bedgear had the same concerns for his son. He went on to develop the Air-X Crib
and toddler mattress. This two-stage mattress has one side that’s firm, supportive and breathable
for my infant and one side that’s softer for when she becomes a toddler.

Immediately upon unboxing this mattress I noticed a huge difference in quality and
craftsmanship compared to other crib mattresses we’ve used before. Like many other parents I had no idea there was an alternative to the flimsy plastic wrapped crib mattresses widely available. My husband was shocked at how sturdy it was and found the cooling wrap very impressive looking.

As we placed it in the crib we heard none of the crunching sound we were used to when dealing with inferior mattresses. Our little girl won't wake herself up by simply rolling around like our previous children. Our 10 year old, Annabelle, said she's already jealous that baby Iris would get to sleep on such a luxurious mattress. I strongly suspect that if she'd slept on this mattress she'd be even more of a diva than she already is. 

Seriously, it's becoming a problem. She sings Adele songs late into the night. I was on the fence for a long time about Adele. Set fire to the rain? If I get woken up at 1 am one more time to the sounds of a ten year old belting that song out I'm going to set fire to my eardrums.

The Air-X Crib and Toddler Mattress is made for breath-ability, safety, and comfort. There are two stages to this mattress. First is a firm and supportive side for your infant. The other side is for when your little one becomes not so little anymore. The toddler side is softer and more adaptive while still being supportive of your little one’s sleep. It has a removable inner layer that is washable and has its patented Air-X technology that enhances airflow. 



It has a Ver-Tex® top cover that is a waterproof barrier, is heat-deflecting, and breathable. The top cover is also removable and washable which helps provide a safe and clean sleep environment. 




The Air-X Performance Crib and Toddler Mattress retails for $299.99. You can also get qualified for 3,6, or 12 monthly payments.