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Celebrate MAR10 Day with Awesome Mario Games for Nintendo Switch!


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Hey, hey, hey- did you know that today is Mar10 Day? Mario fans around the world are celebrating today by taking part in sharing their love for all things Mario! I can still remember when my parents brought home an original NES when I was really small. Our extended family crowded around our small television set in the family room and played Mario and Duck Hunt on Friday nights. It was big-time back then! Flash forward to today, and my own kids are even bigger Mario fans than my sister and I were when we were their ages.

My kiddos have a Nintendo Switch, and my son in particular is hooked on it! He has tons of games, but the Mario games are his favorites. Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is super favorite, and friends love to come over and play it with my son. I love watching my big kids race around the house.

My kids couldn't wait to get their hands on Mario Tennis Aces!

Thanks to our friends at Nintendo, we've recently added a couple of new games- Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Mario Tennis Aces! Mario Tennis Aces became a quick favorite! It's really easy for my two older kids to play this one together, and they enjoy being able to be up and moving around as they play this one. I think they would have even more fun with a set of Tennis Rackets for Nintendo Switch.

These games are perfect for my eleven-year-old, and his younger sister has even been able to get in on the fun of these active games involving tennis and golf. 

Mario Golf Super Rush makes my kids feel like golf pros!

My kids don't know much about golf, but they've really been enjoying swinging at balls with Mario and pals! My son even asked his dad if he could learn to play real golf after trying out this game! It's pretty cool to watch him want to perfect his swing. Golf lovers- you will love this game. It's a lot of fun, and as with all other Switch games, you can play this directly on the Nintendo Switch, on the TV, or on the go! Grabbing a pack of golf clubs for the Switch makes this game even more realistic and fun! 

It's really fun to have a couple of Mario games that encourage us to get moving as a family. Other family favorites include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! If we're not watching a movie or playing a board game, you can bet we're enjoying an evening of Nintendo Switch together for Family Fun Night!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Nintendo to shop all things Nintendo Switch- including the game system, games, and accessories! You can purchase direct downloads or physical game copies. The best of both worlds! Be sure to follow Nintendo on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss out on the fun world of Nintendo!

How will you celebrate Mar10 Day? 
Does your family have any favorite Mario games?

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