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8 Safety Baby Cot Tips


A baby cot is not just for looks because it also ensures the safety of your little one. Maintaining a baby cot is essential to keep them safe for your baby.

Below are eight safety baby cot tips that will help you maintain a clean and safe environment for your infant.

1. To prevent falls, never put anything on the sides of the cot that your child could climb on.

You should also make sure the mattress is firm and that there's nothing underneath it that your child could hurt themselves on or become tangled in. This includes toys, mobiles, and blankets because falls and injuries are a leading cause of death among babies less than a year old. If you'd like to get creative with decorating your child's room, try using artwork instead, or hanging family photos where your child can see them.

2. Never leave your child unattended on a baby cot.

Babies should always be supervised, even when they're resting on a baby cot. Never leave your baby alone on a bed because falling from that height is dangerous. Instead, lay down a blanket or towel on the floor and place your baby there, but be sure to keep the baby away from any wires, cords, or other hazards.

3. There should be no gaps between the bars, slats, frame, and mattress.

To ensure a safe sleeping space for your baby, make sure that any mattress you place in the crib is less than 6 inches thick and fits snugly against the inner surface of the crib. If you can fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib, the mattress does not fit properly. The firmer the mattress is, the safer it will be for the baby. It is best to buy a brand-new mattress for your baby's crib. The recommendation is that any plastic used in wrapping mattresses be removed immediately and those mattresses be used for a maximum of 30 days before replacing them.

4. Avoid placing it in obvious danger.

Cot beds should be placed away from wall-hanging frames or mirrors and out of reach of shelves or ledges. Power cables are a strangulation hazard, even for young babies, and should be kept well out of reach.

5. Use the base in the correct position.

Many cots and cot beds have adjustable bases, allowing you to raise the base higher as your child grows. Make sure that your cot is set at the lowest position for your child's safety, and regularly check to avoid any injuries when your child inevitably tries to climb over the top. The highest base position is safe for children over three months old only.

6. Keep it away from footholds.

Never place your child in a crib with pillows, toys, or other objects that could pose a choking hazard. Do not cover the mattress or place anything behind the baby's head, as this could cause overheating. Remove crib bumpers and tiebacks when the baby can get up on hands and knees, so they will not use them to climb out. There should be no trailing strings or other items that could cause strangulation.

7. Check for any broken or cracked parts before putting them together.

If you have purchased a new baby cot, you will need to check for any broken or cracked parts before putting it together. You should also check that all the screws are in place and all the rods are whole and not bent. You should also check that the wood is solid and not split and that there are no splinters.

8. Ensure there are no loose or sharp edges.

You don't want the crib to have any rough spots or parts that can pinch your baby. The mattress needs to be firm and flat but not hard. It should also fit snugly in the cot. All screws, bolts, and other fixings must be secure and properly fitted, with nothing sticking out. Make sure your baby has plenty of room to move around in their cot, but don't position it near curtains or blinds as they may create a strangulation hazard. Also, when considering a used crib, don't overlook details like whether corner posts are flush with end panels. Also, look at any decorative knobs or finials, which should be sanded down if they're more than 1/16 inch high.

These eight tips will keep your baby safe in a cot.

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