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5 Tried & Tested Skincare Secrets For Women Over 40

 Your skin changes once you step on the other side of forty, and you need to go the extra mile caring for it. While your anti-aging regime should start in the thirties, you cannot expect it to be enough after forty. You have to understand your skin better and realign your skincare schedule to match its current need. Thankfully, maintaining its shine, youth, and suppleness after middle age is easier than you think. You can follow some tried and tested secrets vetted by women and recommended by experts. Here is a list you can rely on.

Double up on hydration

Good hydration is a skincare essential for a lifetime, but you should double up on it after forty. Hydration keeps your complexion supple and glowing and speeds up cell rejuvenation. It also promotes deep detoxification, which goes a long way in preventing the early signs of aging. Make conscious efforts to drink water and hydrate with healthy drinks like fresh juice and herbal tea. 

Be consistent with your routine

Even the most expensive products and treatments will not work unless you are consistent with your daily skincare regime. Stick with your cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing routine, no matter how tight your schedule is. A weekly exfoliation schedule is essential to eliminate the dead cells. Never forget to remove your makeup at bedtime because damage can be more extensive on aging skin.

Invest in IPL rejuvenation 

IPL facials can rejuvenate your aging skin and restore youth by accelerating cell turnover. Experts at lumenessa debunk the myths about this treatment option and recommend it to address the signs of aging safely. The treatment uses pulses of light to heat the pigmented cells, leaving a clear and youthful complexion. It also stimulates the production of collagen, the protein that imparts strength and resilience to skin cells.

Never miss out on sunscreen

Older women should never miss out on sunscreen as an aging complexion is more prone to sun damage. Apply it on your face and all exposed areas every time you step out, and you can protect yourself from the signs of aging. A product with an SPF of at least 30 or higher is ideal for women over forty. Make sure you wear it even when you cannot see the sun as the UV rays work even during cloudy days.

Incorporate a retinoid into your night-time routine

A retinoid can be a savior for your skin at this age, so make it a part of your nighttime routine. While you should start using one in your twenties, it is never too late. Pick a high-quality, prescription-strength retinoid to get the best results. It can boost collagen production and curb wrinkles and fine lines. Women claim visible results in as little as twelve weeks, so it is a worthy investment for your complexion. 

Good skincare after forty can keep you looking youthful down the line. Commit to doing your bit with these proven secrets, and you will have a flaunt-worthy complexion in your fifties and beyond.  

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