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5 Things You Must Consider Before Booking Your Next Surfing Holiday


Surf-specific holidays are a great way to combine a love of the beach with a thrilling adventure. There are many excellent surfing locations all around the world. Surfers of all ages and skill levels can likely find the perfect fit for them with just a bit of research. If you are considering hitting the waves on your next vacation, here are five things to consider when choosing your destination.

1. What Permissions You May Need

Many surfing destinations are on public beaches that can be accessed by anyone, but there are some hidden gems that are on private land. It's important that you understand the difference. Public beaches come with easy access, but you may need to take extra care to avoid beachgoers and swimmers who will be sharing space with you. 

If you're heading somewhere private, you'll want to make sure you have all the necessary approvals and permissions before you arrive. Otherwise, you may risk getting turned away or even worse, into trouble with the local authorities. Booking with Yeeew or another surf-specialty travel agency can help you stay on the right side of the law. It's also important to know what the customs of the local surf scene are. Surfers are generally a welcoming global community, but you will want to be respectful of the locals when you are visiting somewhere new.

2. What Season It Will Be

Another consideration is the season in which you'll be visiting. The surf may be better in one season than another, as different seasons can present different weather situations. Remote locations may only be accessible during certain seasons as well. You may also be interested in either joining in with or avoiding the popular tourist season, so knowing when that occurs will be helpful. Finally, if you are crossing the equator on your travels, remember that the seasons may be reversed from what you know at home.

3. What the Weather May Do

Once you have set dates for your trip, looking up the forecasted weather for your trip is very important. The temperature of the air and the water can have a big effect on your enjoyment, especially if you don't have the right gear. You will likely also want to be aware of any upcoming major storms. While some storms can bring extra-large waves with them, venturing out too close to when the storm makes landfall can be extremely dangerous.

4. What Natural Hazards May Exist

Each surfing location will present its own unique mix of land formations, typical wave size, water depths, and local flora and fauna. When you are visiting somewhere new, it's a good idea to get an understanding of any potential hazards. Hidden sand bars or sudden drop-offs can affect wave breaks and pose a risk if you fall off your board. Local marine wildlife, especially sharks and whales, are also vital things to be aware of. Learn how to identify these types of hazards and avoid them, and you'll be far safer in the water.

5. What Accommodations You Will Stay In

A fifth point to consider when choosing a destination for a surf-specific holiday is where you'll be staying. Some surfers are perfectly happy camping out on the beach in a van or RV. Others may want access to running water and a comfortable bed. Still, others may be looking for an all-inclusive resort in which to relax while out of the water. No matter your preference, take the time to make sure your chosen destination offers exactly what you want in terms of accommodations.

Surfing holidays can be full of fun and adventure, but they do require careful planning. Choose a location that matches your surf skill level, and then get to know the area well before traveling. That preparation will help ensure a successful vacation and keep your mood from being anything but salty.

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