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Your Kids Will Feel Mighty In Organic Mightly Attire

Thanks to Mightly for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

As a mom to two young boys, I've learned over the last 11 years that when it comes to attire, you can either buy often or buy smart.

My boys are 9.5 and 11 and I wish I could say that I've had this mindset from the beginning, but the truth is, I've wasted a lot of money over the years purchasing cheaply made clothing and outerwear that doesn't seem to make it through one season of play. That's really how we view our kid's clothing as moms, isn't it? Will it withstand the play, the rough, the tumble? 

Many mainstream clothing lines available currently, even some incredibly popular options are simply not made with durability in mind. I can run into Old Navy or Marshalls and grab ANY hoodie for my son and it seems that more often than not, a rip or hole appears within a few weeks of wear. Clothing is not cheap and this can get expensive! 

This is why I'm SO excited that I've found Mightly! Not only are the apparel items crafted with organic cotton, but they are made with a playful kiddo in mind. 

This is my adorable 11 year old wearing the organic cotton hoodie in turquoise.

I would say that of my two kids, he is less rough and tumble, but when he finds a favorite, he wears it out. He will wear nothing else. That means the very hoodie you see in the photo above had already been washed a handful of times and the color and feel- just as robust and vibrant as the day it arrived. 

In fact, so far, that's what I'm most impressed by. Mightly was kind enough to send over some of their favorite pieces for my boys and they have been wearing them practically nonstop. I assumed by the fifth or sixth wash, I would see some fading start to occur. Absolutely no fading! 

Here is my youngest son in the yellow organic hoodie, paired with a cotton graphic tee.

I didn't know which tee they would be sending and when I opened the package, I couldn't believe it was the blackbird tee. I have been singing "Blackbird" by the Beatles since my kids were babies! I love the way the colors compliment with these two pieces. A two-pack of these organic cotton tees is $29.95. There is actually a pretty amazing sale going on right now at Mightly. 

Check out this adorable 2-pack of organic girls dresses for just $26.50! 

Nothing feels better than the softest, organic cotton at bedtime! These pajamas are on sale for just $17.95. Go and snag a pair or two while this amazing sale is taking place. You'll be amazed, just as I was, at the quality of these pieces. 

I know Christmas has passed, but get ready for next year! Starting at $29.95, you can outfit the entire family with matching pjs for those adorable family Christmas pictures you've been wanting to capture. 

Mightly has so many great options for your little one and trust me when I say, you'll be a repeat shopper. If you know, you know. Quality over quantity every single time. I would rather have 5-10 staple pieces in my child's dresser that they can mix and match to create fun outfits that will last as long as they do! I'm so tired of the holes, rips, snags and fade. My kids are old enough to realize they are also tired of clothing that does not serve them well. Mightly has you covered with exactly what your child needs to live, run and play every single day!


You can head over to the Mightly website and find everything from underwear to outerwear to outfit your kiddo in the best quality. You can also visit Mightly on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about this amazing company. 

We love our friends at Mightly and know that you will too. Check them out and let us know what you think!



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