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Weekends with the Wigglesworths: Snowy Day and a Lack of Motivation

Happy Saturday, friends! This week we went back to our regularly scheduled programming (the kids went back to school after winter break)...sort of. There was only school for 2 days this week, Monday and Tuesday. Between the weather and a holiday on Thursday,  we are in the midst of a fabulous 5 day weekend. 

We have been enjoying the extra time to chill and really appreciate not having to worry about doing too much. Things like staying in bed reading, checking out some great movies (or the same one, Encanto, several times), and playing games together have made the start of 2022 pretty great. 

So today's blog title is slightly misleading. It is not really a lack of motivation, as we are doing things, we are just enjoying the ability to move at a slower, less regimented pace. 

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