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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- 4 Things That Could Help Pull You From a Funk


Happy Saturday, friends. The last couple of days have been pretty chaotic and there have been too many moments where I was just in an absolute funky mood. Sometimes it is difficult to pull myself out of a funk, but this week I had an 'arsenal' of sorts to help. Here are 4 pieces you can add to your own arsenal, if or when you need to!

1. Music- This one seems to be a popular go-to for many. I usually hit up Pandora or Spotify and listen to a pretty wild variety, but this week I've been obsessing over the Encanto soundtrack! 

2. Movies - Another pretty popular go-to for many people. D was instrumental in picking the perfect "pull you from a funk" film, asking to watch Heathers! 

3. Brainy Games- It seems like everyone I know has been playing Wordle, so of course I had to check it out. Before I found out it was not an app, I found a game with the same name that I started to play too. There's something calming, to me, about word games. 

4. Trying Something New- This week the something new I tried was a recipe. I found one for saltines and added Everything Bagel seasoning instead of just plain salt. Although they didn't come out quite right (I need to work out rolling the dough thinner so they crisp better), the taste was absolutely amazing!

What are some of the tools in your "Funk Fighting Arsenal"? 

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