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Spread Love and Wellness with REECH Yoga Mats

Thanks to Reech for sending this purple mat in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Is one of your 2022 goals to reach your potential and be the best you can be? I started a wellness journey last fall, and while I've had my struggles, I am committed to making 2022 the best it can be- emotionally, spiritually, but especially physically.

I've always struggled with flexibility. I get way too "tight" during work-outs, don't ever think I can stretch out enough, and massage therapists always comment on how tight and wound up I am, including fascia in my legs. 

Having workable equipment helps frame the path towards achieving goals and dreams. My current at-work work out collection has grown, but I've continued to struggle to find a mat that does what it claims: staying in place and not slipping during exercise. 

I often do cardio work-outs that have floor work included, so I definitely need something slip resistant, won't curl or buckle too much, and can handle some pressure. A lot of mats I've used just crumble/peel after a couple of uses because the quality isn't what is claimed. Or, they slip and slide, especially after sweating from those high intensity moves. 

When REECHpopped up into my radar, I truly wondered if these mats would hold up to their claims. REECH is company that claims their mats are truly slip resistant, providing much needed stability and cushion so that we can push our bodies in our work-outs. 

REECH namaSTAY Yoga mats really do stay in place! I've used it for a few workouts and have immediately noticed some differences. It does not curl, like some of my other mats. No matter what type of movements, it stays in place. 

Also- the mat is longer than some of the more traditional mats, which I especially like!

Measuring 185cm * 68cm * 4.5mm, this mat is great for Yoga practice- downward dog to your hearts content. Or build up your endurance with those mountain climbers, weights, and oblique work! 

The mat is 4.5 mm thick too. It seems thicker than the average mat- so much that my joints don't feel my uncarpeted floors as much as they did with the other one. It was especially painful hitting that elbow falling when I lost balance, but not with REECH namaSTAY mats. 

These mats also arrive with a carrying strap that is really easy to slide on and off. The mat itself is less than 5 lbs, so super easy to roll up, move around, and carry with you if you do an outdoors practice or head a studio class. Note- it's recommended to role up your mat with the color side facing out, especially if storing. 

REECH is also committed to providing eco-friendly products. Made with sustainable materials free of toxins, namaSTAY mats are 100% biodegradable. One of the best parts is that for every mat purchased 15 trees are planted! Those trees help offset all the negative emissions from the manufacturing plant, thus making REECH a carbon negative company. 

REECH yoga mats make excellent Valentine's gifts! Not only can you or your love one use them to reach your health goals, they help promote wellness and wholeness. Having quality products will make you want to work out more, not make excuses, and dive into this goals. 

This Valentine's day, share some love, whether to yourself, or another one, and grab one of these mats! 

We are proud to feature REECH in our Valentine's Day Guide.  For more Valentine's Day products, check out the Valentine's Day Guide on Mommy's Block Party. 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase a REECH namaSTAY yoga mat in purple, blue, green, or black. 

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