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Some Self Care Tips for the Wonderful Gestational Carriers Out There


Gestational surrogates are possibly the closest thing to fairy godmothers we have amongst us. These wonderful women are driven by sheer compassion to help someone become parents and commit to an arduous journey to change lives.

A surrogate mother carries the pregnancy for 9 months but the preparation starts well before that. It takes almost a full one to one and a half years to complete a gestational surrogacy.

During the pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that the surrogate mom takes the best possible care of herself for the sake of her own health as well as the baby’s gestational development. 

We thought it would be helpful to share some self-care tips with the future surrogates and the surro mamas who are pregnant now. 

First Thing First - Find Reliable Support Group

Apart from the method through which you get pregnant, the gestational surrogacy itself is almost the same as your own pregnancy. There will be hormonal changes, mood swings, sudden cravings and many other physical changes that will also have an impact on your emotional health.

You need to address these feelings and discuss the changes you experience in your body. You need to vent out.

So what place is the best to do that? Of course the people who have gone through or are going through the same journey.

There are many online forums and support groups dedicated to surrogates where you can ask, share, or discuss your thoughts with other surrogate moms around the nation (or countries). Alternatively, you may find more helpful information at Family inceptions California about egg donation and surrogacy.

Food and Exercise - The Best Ally of Your Health

The foods you eat impact your body as well as your mood. During pregnancy, your body will have increased nutrient demand and not meeting that requirement can result in anxiety, lethargy, fogginess, and depression. Not to mention the baby you are carrying is also depending on your food intake for its own growth.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to meet your macros requirement. Fish, poultry, eggs, leafy greens, and legumes are rich sources of protein and also boosts dopamine production which generates the happy feeling.

Exercise is a great mood booster since it releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings, reduces stress, anxiety, and improves sleep. Exercise also improves your heart health, increases energy levels, balances blood pressure, and improves strength. 

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Sleep - It Heals You

Sleep and diet should be your top priority. Sleeping is the time your body mends the damages done to the body. It’s the best way for your mind to soothe itself.

Remember how you woke up with a serenity of mind after a long night’s sleep?

Without adequate sleep, you are bound to feel more exhausted, lose clear thinking, and be more prone to stress. 

Sleep promotes heart health, improves cognitive abilities. 

Our suggestion?

Take a nap in between when you can!

Get Answers to the Important Questions 

When in doubt - Ask!

Surrogacy is a medical process that demands a lot of time, dedication and resources. Moreover, your body and mind is intimately involved in this journey. Hence, it’s ok even if you have a thousand questions about your journey.

Your surrogacy agency should have a dedicated coordinator to manage your journey. Whenever you have a question, direct it towards the agency coordinator or your Ob-Gyn.  

Having a clear idea about what’s coming will give you some peace of mind. 

See a Therapist - Even if You Feel You are Ok 

A little effort to heal your mental health can go a long way. The mind is a tricky place where emotions wake up and go back to sleep momentarily only come back later with stronger feelings. Given the long, exhausting nature of the pregnancy, mood shifts at the speed of light without you noticing actively.

That’s why psychotherapy is a real profession.

Talking to a professional, in a calming atmosphere where no judgements are made, you can freely express your emotions, release your fears, and work through your feelings. 

This can do wonders for your emotional health.

Meditation - You Can’t Deny Its Astonishing Benefits

Chances are, you have already heard about meditation. Maybe in an article or a friend of yours have done it.

Meditation works like a true medicine for the mind. Just 5 minutes of meditation daily can reduce stress, ward off anxiety, overcome depression and improve your mood. This simple habit is also shown to greatly improve mental alertness, concentration level and clarity of thinking. Meditation also works wonders on reducing negative emotions, lower blood pressure and increases patience. 

Journal This Beautiful Journey

Keeping a journal not only helps you track the important events during the journey, they also help relax your mind knowing you are progressing.

A journal is also a way to vent out your most private emotions that you are not comfortable sharing with anyone else.

Keeping the photos, notes, letters attached to the journal can help you explain your journey to your children later in life and also help the baby you are carrying now understand an important part of their life.

Have Gratitude

You have become a part of a wonderful journey. You are changing lives. You are giving life. Many people have helped you on this path and many are still by your side. Your doctors, the nurse who explained the medications to you, the people from the agency always checking on you, the intended parents who now treat you like their family, your partner, family and friends.  

You can acknowledge all their efforts by professing your gratitude. Above all, be thankful to yourself. Every decision you have made and every step you have taken has got you here. 

Gratitude can improve your self-esteem, help you calm, and empathize with others.

You can simply write it down in your journal.

Take a Break 

We get it. Life is busy and you have a lot to do in a limited time.

That’s why you need to create time slots to take a break. Otherwise, you will always find yourself working on something. Giving yourself a break will let you relax, allow your mind to calm down. 

Maybe watch your favorite series, read up that unfinished book, or just lie down on a squishy couch - whatever helps you get comfortable. 

Self-care is Priority

You are in control of your body and mind. You know your body and mind the best. Without proper care, you will be the one to suffer.

Clearly, it’s your sacred duty to care for yourself.

When we talk about self-care, it encompases both physical and emotional attention. If you are not sure what things should be taken care of, make a list.

Knowing that you are aware of yourself can promote happiness in life.

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