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Send the Ones You Love Your Affections with LoveBox: The Love Note Messenger This Valentine's Day

Let LoveBox help you brighten someone's day by sending a digital message to them!

The Lovebox is a connected, messaging device that pairs with a free app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection. The Lovebox can bring you closer to your family members, your significant other, or a friend, even when miles apart.

It all started back in 2015 when Jean left for MIT in Boston to research robotics while his fiancee Melodie stayed in France. He wanted to find a way to send not only messages but his love regardless of the distance. That’s how Lovebox was born, built in a makerspace in France. When the makerspace’s visitors discovered the Lovebox, they thought this invention could not only help long-distance couples but that it could help everyone send special marks of affection to all loved ones. Lovebox as a start-up was born with a unique mission: leverage technology to help people feel and express love. 

They built the very first 500 LoveBoxes for the 2016 Holiday Season. Since then, they’ve delivered more than 80,000 LoveBoxes in France, Europe, and the United States. More than 400,000 love notes are being exchanged every month on the Lovebox network!

I received the LoveBox Original with Color and Photos. With the Color & Photo version, you can send photos and colored messages, stickers, and drawings to anyone that has a LoveBox through the LoveBox app that is free to use! My mother-in-law lives about four hours away and we wanted an easy way to let her know we are thinking about her at any time of day. She recently lost her husband and doesn’t like the loneliness that comes over her, so we gifted it to her, thinking this would be a great way to remind her she isn’t alone.

It is so easy to use! Simply download the app and connect it to the LoveBox with a special code. Anyone who has the code may then send messages and photos to her box. It was fun to set it up for her and show her how it works. 

Then, while we were still visiting, I sent her a message to try it out without her knowing. It was so fun knowing I had sent her a message and waiting for her to notice the heart spinning. She was completely delighted when she finally saw the heart spinning and was excited to open the lid to see what she had gotten. It put us at ease that we all, including my husband’s siblings and their families, can now send her a love note to let her know we are thinking about her. Something just for her.

Want it? Get it!

Check out their variety of LoveBoxes and purchase for your Valentine their website!

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