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Meet my Best Friend

We adopted Thor from a rescue 3 years ago and it has been a whirlwind. He's got spanking, attitude, and acts so much like a person it's surreal. He is the first dog that I got to choose and he takes the roll of best friend very seriously. 

I had pets growing up, but when my parents had enough of being the care takers they would rehome them and it usually didn't take that long for that to happen. Now, Thor is mine and no one can take him away and there is something about that, that makes me feel at peace. 
He smiles at me when I wake up and we have this routine of him jumping on the couch for me to give him hugs and kisses. He legitimately opens his front paws/arms for me to settle in and get a hug. He started doing this with me after E left, but I am sure it's because he watched me hug E every day. 

My husband teases because I greet him first when I come home. He's truly special to me. E gave him one command to always protect mommy and he truly does. It's not always a physical protection, but emotionally he protects me. I got him shortly after I started therapy and was diagnosed with a handful of issues, my hardest one to fight is anxiety.  He's not even trained as a service dog, but he knows right what to do. Isn't that what human best friends do? They just know. 
Are you blessed with a 4 legged best friend?

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