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How To Write an Essay About Cooking?


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Are You Cooking?

Cooking is a pastime enjoyed by people around the world. Others do it as their job. And most of us do it because we simply have to eat to survive. An increasing number of Americans enjoy cooking and love being in the kitchen. No matter what the motivation, one needs to learn it one way or another. If your task is to write an essay about cooking, you need to follow a process to make it interesting.

Where Do I Start?

First things first. You need to pick your subject and target audience. Are you writing for fans or are you going to be targeting professionals with a much higher set of expectations? This is an important consideration because it will inform your choice of content, visuals, and writing style.

Still an Essay

It is important to remember that irrespective of the subject, your task is still to write an essay. This means you need to follow the same rules and best practices that apply to essay writing. If unsure, check out TopWritersReview to find some of the best reviews of essay writing services. You will also learn a lot about the criteria by which the assessments are carried out.


As you’d expect from any well-structured essay, yours should have the three essential parts - an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. In the introduction, you explain the purpose of the essay, insert your key message, and prepare the reader for what to expect in the main body. If it’s a relatively long piece, you can add the background information under a separate heading for ease of flow.

The main body is where you delve into details. It’s best practice to use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to structure your thoughts. The number of these will depend on the length of your essay. 

The conclusion wraps up your essay. This is where you reiterate your key message and bring things to a climax. You might want to end the essay with a punchy statement that will stay with the reader.


The style of your essay will depend on your audience. It might vary from academic to colloquial depending on whom you are talking to. Whoever the audience, stick to concise sentences, use the active voice, and eradicate extraneous details. Make sure you proofread and use a spell checker.

Content - Spice It Up!

It’s important to include thoughts and advice about healthy eating. For students, who are extremely busy, healthy eating during exams is very important. Make it relevant, interesting, and funny. It has to be about recipes, cooking techniques, and tasty dishes, but make it an enjoyable read. That will only increase the appetite of the reader to read more.

Visuals - Make It Tasty!

Visuals always matter. Load the essay with pictures or videos (if relevant). They will keep the reader engaged. It always helps to see what you are taught. Also, a lot of people pick things up much better when they see a picture rather than a written word.

Finishing Touches

Writing an essay about cooking can be an interesting and enjoyable experience. While you need to follow the same rules that apply to conventional essay writing, you can make it more riveting by choosing the right style, the right visuals, and engaging content. Your goal is to want the reader to read your essay as much as they want to cook a great meal.


Michael Carr is a top-notch connoisseur of culinary and the art of cooking. He knows tons about world cuisines and cultures. Michael has also served as a panel member of many cooking contests. He also knows a thing or two about essay writing and assessment.

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