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Head into 2022 With A Nadine West Clothing Subscription!


Thanks to Nadine West for sending this shipment in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When I was younger, we often received new clothing at Christmas time. Basically, the only time we got new stuff was back to school and Christmas. Then, our parents helped us purge our closets for the things we no longer fit into or wore. 

I no longer receive many clothing items at Christmas, but I still do closet purges at each season. Where I live, winter doesn't come fast, hard, and is often very short, so it's harder to purge those items. 

So, I end up focusing more on the items that use in everyday life. Does it still fit? Is it worn out? Does it have stains that aren't treatable? We all hold onto those pieces we love even though there is a stain, grease spot, or big ole hole that we can't fix.. but a new year means its time to purge and start fresh! 

Nadine West can help fill in the gaps after a wardrobe purge. Start off 2022 with a fresh outfit or fashion piece that will enhance your collection. 

For those of you who aren't aware, Nadine West is a subscription clothing company. After filling out a questionnaire, a stylist selects 4-6 pieces for you, along with some jewelry, and ships off a package that arrives at your front door. There is a selection of shipping frequency along with the ability to postpone/ skip and cancel orders. 

You then try each item on, decide what you want to keep, and have a limited amount of time to send back your returns. A monthly fee of $9.78 is charged. If you keep your shipment, then that fee is credited towards any items you purchase. If you send everything back, you lose that money. I've found customer service is rather prompt, especially for the amount of traffic they receive. It typically takes about a day or so to get an email response. 

This is now my 5th subscription package from Nadine West. Each shipment offers the opportunity to respond back with feedback, tastes, and sizing issues. For the most part, the stylists have listened, but in some cases, such as with pants, its been a complete washout. I can update my profile and continue to make recommendations, but I also recognize that any subscription company isn't going to completely get it it right! 

In this shipment, which arrived right before Christmas,  I received 1 sleeveless blouse, 1 long sleeved blouse, 1 dress, and 2 pairs of pants. I've struggled with Nadine West sizing related to pants and leggings in each subscription. They send XL, because that's what I should wear.. but, nothing ever fits! So back the pants go, I mark it down in the notes, but then the same sizing ends back up in my bag. It's frustrating, because based on the sizing chart and profile, its what I should be wearing, but we know that female clothing brands have different sizes across the board, so hardly anything fits because its actually not the size I need! 

The long sleeved blouse was NOT for me either. It just didn't fit well is the only description I can give. I'm not a fan of long sleeves anyway, because I get super hot easily.. either its hot in my office, or cold. With our weather spanning from 35 degrees in the morning to 70 in the late afternoon, its more of a layering situation anyway.  

The sleeveless blouse was kept. It is pure white, so it's going to be super hard to keep clean (my downfall with anything white!) and it has a collar/ high neck, which means I won't be wearing it in hot weather. But it will be great for under a blazer or cardigan. 

The dress was kept this go around. It fit well, but it does feel short for my taste so most likely I will wear it with leggings or as a sundress around the beach. I'm not comfortable in short dresses (even wasn't when I was younger) as I'm afraid my rear will be showing if I lean over! 

Pricing with Nadine West is pretty decent. Items can be anywhere from $10- $30. I have noticed that some of the cheaper priced items have very cheap stitching, hemming, and fabric that unravels or gets caught easily. I generally don't dry any of my tops in the dryer so no shrinkage yet, but I've had a couple of items in which the stitching has come out during the wash or has gotten caught on things like table corners, etc. 

The cons of Nadine West can be the short return window, the quality and sizing of clothing, and being sent items that just aren't your style. Yet, this has also forced me to branch out some and consider items I'd just walk by in a regular store. 

Overall, buying from Nadine West is a good investment if you are challenged in updating your wardrobe with the limited supply from local department stores and online shopping. It's fairly easy to do returns, the items are about the same that you would spend in any big box store, and someone else does the shopping for you!

If you have some Christmas Cash and are looking to update your wardrobe, then give Nadine West a try! While not for everyone, this subscription clothing company does offer some good gems that will inspire you and your wardrobe! 

Want it? Get it!

Head over to Nadine West to take your style quiz, create a profile, and start your subscription journey! 

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