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Easy Ways to Create Your Own Balcony Garden


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Are you an avid gardener who has just made the leap to living in an apartment or condo? I once felt that it would be impossible to find a way to enjoy a small outdoor space when I was so used to gardening in a large area, with a large yard to work in and with. I went from gardening in a large backyard to only being able to garden on a narrow apartment balcony, and while it didn't seem like I would enjoy the change of scenery and pace, in the beginning, I like to think that I was up for the new challenge of figuring out how to enjoy something I truly loved doing in this new space.

I was able to transform a boring outdoor apartment balcony into an outdoor space that I loved- my own little retreat filled with plants, outdoor decor, and other items like bird feeders for my nature-loving enjoyment. I started small, adding small pots to the outdoor table, followed by rail planters, which I filled with various annuals and trailing vines. Just the small addition of the potted plants made a huge impact on the space, and my neighbors, as well.

I went on to add several larger potted plants, like palms, and other tropical variety plants during the summer. It was so easy to quickly fill the corners of the outdoor space with tall plants that were sun-loving and provided me with a beautiful escape without ever having to leave home. 

Just as I enjoyed having lots of flowering plants and greenery to fill my outdoor space, I knew that it would be special to be able to grow some easy veggies at home, too. Adding a multi-level planter or garden tower is a wonderful idea for those who love the idea of having a garden at home, but don't necessarily have a lot of space to plant things in. This gives you several tiers of vertical space to work with, allowing you to plant more varieties of the plants you love. Personally, I enjoy planting things like lettuces, tomatoes, squash, and peppers. I also love planting strawberries every spring and watching them grow and ripen before my eyes.

A Garden Tower is a wonderful place to start an herb garden, too! Just imagine being able to have tons of fresh herbs for cooking and baking (even cocktail mixing) right on your own balcony!

Another great idea is to add plants to your outdoor space that will cut down on mosquitoes. I keep citronella plants on my porches at all times now and loved having them on my balcony as well. They look and smell great, and also work to keep those pesky flying insects away.

While an outdoor balcony garden isn't complete without plants, you'll probably also want to do what I love to do to my outdoor spaces- decorate them! Creating a cozy vibe is so easy with all of the wonderful products readily available through Amazon. Look for items like outdoor rugs, solar lanterns, and throw pillows to quickly create a space you'll love to hang out in. Comfy outdoor ottomans are also a wonderful addition to balcony garden areas. They can quickly transform your garden area into an entertaining space for drinks and appetizers, or quaint meals with friends. Ottomans give you a place to prop your feet up or give you extra seating when needed.

It's so lovely to be able to come home to an outdoor space you can enjoy. Creating a balcony garden is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature, enjoy a little self-care, and give back to the earth while enjoying a hobby.

Have you ever tried to start a garden? What are some of your favorite things to plant?

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