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Defender Rings Will Offer the Gift of Peace of Mind to Your Valentine

Whether you're jogging outdoors or traveling overseas, feel safer and more confident knowing you can fight off an attacker with beautiful and functional fashion rings from Defender Ring.

Say goodbye to traditional clunky and ugly self-defense rings. Defender Ring’s self-defense jewelry is designed with style and safety in mind, from stackable rings to bold statement pieces. They have three lines of self-defense rings - Minimalist, Maximalist, and Open Point Rings. Their team is a passionate, hard-working group that is dedicated to social empowerment and standing up for what's right.

Defender Ring is a self-defense company and social empowerment brand located in New York City that launched in 2019 and sells patented self-defense rings. Their founding goal was to create a powerful, practical self-defense weapon for women in the form of an everyday jewelry ring and to hopefully create a safer everyday life for people around the world.

Defender Ring was founded following the news stories of Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte, who were attacked and killed in broad daylight while jogging. The highly publicized incidents sparked the creation of Defender Ring’s self-defense ring as a practical solution to violence against women. Defender Ring donates a portion of all proceeds to organizations that support their aligned social causes.

My daughter is headed to college in the fall and I liked the idea of sending her there with beautiful, functional jewelry she can use if she needs it. It will give both her father and me some peace of mind that she has a way to defend herself if the need arises. When they arrived, my daughter adored both of her rings. We got the two in the above picture - the Plumeria Minimalist and the Solo Open Point Ring. She commented on how well-made and beautiful they are. She also snickered at the fact they are secretly able to inflict pain on anyone who messes with her.

Plumeria allows you to discreetly protect yourself without having to carry illegal pocket knives or bulky pepper sprays. In a dangerous situation, unscrew the floral top to unsheathe a sharp blade capable of cutting an attacker's skin, inflicting pain, and collecting their DNA. Whether you’re jogging outdoors or traveling in a different country, arm yourself with a stylish lightweight ring that will give you peace of mind wherever you are. It is available in sizes 5-11.

Part safety, part stacker, all confidence. Solo is a single-point self-defense ring featuring a beveled tip that is soft to the touch but fierce on a fist. Solo's durable, lightweight frame makes it easy for it to withstand your every day while providing nonstop immediate protection. Our Open Point Rings are the perfect starter self-defense ring and addition to any weapon jewelry collection. It is available in white gold, 14K gold, rose gold, and black.
Many of their customers travel with their rings for protection and no customers have ever reported having their rings confiscated or flagged. They do not know the TSA regulations so they’re making this simple. Their warranty states that if your ring is confiscated by TSA or airport security while traveling, it is covered under our TSA Airport Security Warranty and they will replace it for free.

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There are so many beautiful rings to choose from on Defender Ring's website! Go find one for your Valentine!


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Special thanks to our friends at Defender Ring for allowing me to share their wonderful products and for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway.


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  1. This would be good for my daughter.

  2. I would wear them on special occasions

  3. Something that makes me feel safe would be living in a good neighborhood and in NJ I suppose but can never really feel safe anywhere, but I am always with family or my fiancé, so I am safe to say.


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