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Are Your Detective Skills Good Enough to Solve a Cold Case this Valentine's Day?

This 1947 cold case is still unsolved. Are you ready to take a crack at it? Do you have what it takes to solve it? 

Unsolved Case Files is a murder mystery game that lets you solve a fictitious cold case just like a detective. Unsolved Case Files puts you in the shoes of a cold case detective tasked with solving a murder that happened decades ago with only the original investigator's case file. 

ROBIN FALLS, CT - On August 26th, 1947, celebrated American WWII spy, Veronica Falcone, went missing while investigating something mysterious in town. Three months later, her motorcycle was found at the bottom of a ravine with the brake line intentionally cut.

Her boyfriend and mechanic, Joey Caruso, was arrested for the murder but hanged himself in jail while awaiting trial.

Did he kill Veronica? What was she investigating? Can you bring about justice for this famous war heroine?


  • VICTIM: Veronica Falcone

  • CASE NUMBER: F8-08261947

  • DATE: August 26th, 1947

  • LOCATION: Robin Falls, CT

My daughter is going into forensics in college and she absolutely jumped at the chance to solve this unsolved mystery. We have a family game night each week and this past Friday was our night for giving our sleuthing skills a shot. We had a blast reading the clues and finding pertinent information. It took a lot of teamwork and following of the clues to bring us to our conclusion of whodunit. Our family gives this game a 10 out of 10! So much so, that we are looking forward to purchasing another one of their many mysteries to try it again.

In order to solve this cold case murder mystery game, you’ll need to find 3 separate clues that crack open the case. First, reopen the case by proving Veronica didn't die the way investigators claimed. Then find the victim's body and finally identify the killer and close this case for good. With 3 different mysteries to solve in order to play the game, this case will challenge your investigative abilities.


This unsolved case file game includes over 50 evidence photos and documents for you to investigate including newspaper articles, crime scene photographs, police reports, town map, secret letters, legal documents, suspect interrogations, witness statements, character photographs, and much more. Everything about this mystery game is fiction but will feel just like you are a real cold-case detective.


To get past each step of the case you’ll need to visit an online answer page that requires you to prove you cracked it. If you don’t have the answer right you can keep investigating without being spoiled by the right answers.

Here is a video of us thinking we had an aha moment...were we right? You'll have to solve it yourself to find out!

Teen and adult murder mystery fans love the cerebral challenge. Couples looking to escape boring date nights are amazed by the interaction and teamwork that develops when you work together to solve this mystery. It's also the perfect adult mystery game to break out at your next dinner party or family get-together. Treat yourself, your partner, your friends, or your family to a game experience you can only get with Unsolved Case Files.

Want it? Get it!

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