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A Covid Birthday

Maybe you've had a similar looking test and know how it feels to see this result.

For my family, the last two weeks have been quite difficult. Covid made it's way to my son, husband, myself and my other son. It definitely hit my husband and I much worse than my kids and while I'm grateful they didn't experience much difficulty, it was not an easy time for us. 

While there is no great time to be sick with covid, a birthday is the icing on the cake!
My husband turned 39 and my son turned 11 in the midst of our sickness. I had planned an amazing getaway for these birthdays! We would spend three days in the mountains of North Carolina, with our pup in tow. I found a beautiful cabin, nestled in the woods with a running stream on the property. We were beyond excited to celebrate these birthdays with a much needed getaway.

When covid hit us, I knew I would have to cancel our trip and it would be an immense let down. Disappointing children is something that all parents try to avoid. I absolutely hate having to change plans and take away something fun that my kids are looking forward to. Thankfully, the nice man was able to refund our money and we only lost out on the memories. 

Because we would be isolated in our home for these birthdays, I did my best to make them special. Not feeling the best myself, it proved to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. I'm so thankful I had already ordered all of the birthday gifts previously! One of the gifts my son received was Mario Party for his Nintendo Switch. 

We ordered takeout and played Mario Party as a family, laughing and making the most of a cruddy situation. We are still a family and while we couldn't go and do all the things we wanted to, we had each other. 

There were some tough moments during our two weeks with covid. I found myself falling into despair. My kids missed so much school that I worried they would fall behind, despite our best efforts at home. It started to feel that normalcy was a far off land, never to be reached again. 

Well, of course, I know now that was just the fever talking in my ear and God never left us during that difficult time. Not only was He present, but He was so faithful and good to us during those two weeks. My amazing mom and dad brought us two large food hauls which provided more than enough nourishment and goodies. We were prayed for and checked on by friends and family. We know that sickness and hardships will come in this life. Some of you may have been impacted far worse by this ugly virus and lost a loved one. Having walked through the virus, I can see how easily that can happen. It comes like a freight train and while it can become discouraging when we think about all of the loss and those currently struggling, we still have hope in our Heavenly Father. He has told us that He has already overcome this world. Covid is not a shock to Him. He is the author of our lives and with each moment, He is there and His love is so powerful. 

There is beauty in ashes and sometimes it takes being knocked down for us to reach an outstretched hand, in need of love. Now that I know what covid is like, I know what my friends and family will need. I will know how to best help when they may fall ill. I will use the knowledge I gained to be a blessing when it happens to someone in my life and that is a gift!

Did your birthday plans change due to covid? Maybe it was your wedding or graduation. Whatever the case may be, keep hanging in there friend. Keep fighting. This virus has taken a lot from us as a society, but it can't take our joy, our spirit and our fight!



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