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12 Cozy At Home Date Night Ideas

Life is so busy! It is important to take the time to connect with your partner regularly. Read on to get some ideas for a cozy night together, making memories.

 Play board or card games

 Get your favorite beverage and settle in for good ole competition and games! Our favorite is Farkle, Mancala, and Phase 10!

Draw or paint together

 Buy canvases and paint or drawing paper to make a creation for your home. You can each create your own or work together on one masterpiece.

 Read a book aloud to one another

Share your favorite books with one another and discuss why they’re your favorite or choose a book together and take turns reading it aloud.

Snuggle up and listen to each other’s favorite songs

Snuggle on the couch with your favorite beverage, phones, and earbuds to share your favorite songs with each other. You can even share why it speaks to your heart or how it became your favorite.

Play a conversation game with a question jar

 Deepen your intimacy. Use one of the websites below to make a question jar and spend time drawing questions and answering them together.



Write poetry or short stories

Google writing prompts and either create a story or poem together or separately and then read it aloud to share.

Dance together – slow and fast

While sharing your favorite songs with one another…dance. Even if you “can’t dance”, do it anyway. Make memories.

Watch your wedding video

You spent the money on it and made the commitment, why not revisit it and enjoy reconnecting with the memories.

Recreate your first date

Challenge yourselves to imagine you are on your first date again and recreate it in your house. Imagination is key for this one.

Go on a virtual museum date

Visit a museum together with a glass of wine to wind down and relax. Below are a few options.

 British Museum of London

The Louvre

Metropolitan Museum of Art

 The Vatican Museum

Exercise together

Find a workout video on YouTube and sweat together. Encourage the release of endorphins. I mean, sex works too. (tee hee)

Reminisce with photo albums or your camera roll

 Remember when we used to print photos and put them in albums? Pull out those old albums and feel all the feels. Each of you can share your point of view on various photos and events in your life before you were together and after you met too.

Whatever you choose to do, the idea is that you spend time together – talking, laughing, sharing – and walk away from the night with a renewed connection and understanding.

Which idea would you most like to try with your significant other?


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