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Your Kids Will Love Make-A-Fort This Holiday #MBPHGG21 #REVIEW

Raise your hand if you’ve ever positioned the couch pillows on the floor to become walls topped by a roof of blankets - suddenly there’s a secret entrance to crawl through. There’s something magical about an indoor fort that brings joy to every child. Take that thought and bump it up a notch with Make-A Fort Explorer Kits!  

Imagine a few hours without gadgets, cords or Wi-Fi! Suddenly everyone is free to daydream and just, be a kid!  Make-A-Fort building kits allow solo or sibling play to create incredible structures with or without a parent’s help.  Or, make it a family affair for the more ambitious builds to make a truly remarkable play space! Each adventure with Make-A-Fort raises the critical thinking, social, and leadership skills of a child.

Each of the kits, created in Kansas, is made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly.  It encourages kids to get off their screens and engage in creative real-world play. Budding engineers and architects will be mesmerized by endless play building. Once built, they are eager to play inside!  All the components (except for the foam connectors) in the Explorer Kit can be colored with crayons, markers, or paint. 

Being a Montessori teacher, I jumped at the chance to offer this open-ended play to my students! They did not disappoint me! Their imaginations started rolling the moment I pulled it out! My students have made a princess castle, a tunnel, a house…who knows what they’ll make next! I love that they are learning without even realizing it! Not only are they cooperating together, but they are using science, engineering, logical thinking, math, and problem-solving skills.

In stock and ready to ship, each panel is over six times stronger than typical shipping box cardboard. There’s nothing flimsy here. They have prepackaged kits with panels, braces, and foam connectors that my students were able to assemble together with little help from me. They absolutely loved the kits, they are already obsessed and ask to build a new fort every day!

Another plus…all the components (except for the foam connectors) in the Explorer Kit can be colored with crayons, markers, or paint. Every component has outlines of zany characters ready to be colored. 

“A single kit is often enough for a solo play for a preschooler 5 years old or younger,” recommends Kent Johnson, of Make-A-Fort, LLC. “I  suggest two to three kits for an older child (6 years old or older) or for multiple children to allow building really big  forts.”  

Here are a few of the many reasons parents and grandparents appreciate the open-ended play kits: 

  • Environmental-friendly

  • enough space for several children

  • ignites the artistic imagination of kids 

  • every kit is free from toxic elements and BPA 

  • Most importantly, forts are easy to assemble, tear down, and store away under a bed or in a closet for a new adventure. No more lugging used cardboard boxes to the curb for trash day.  

When ready to order, ask the kids to do the math on how much a family can save when buying two or four kits (or more) at once! Make-A-Fort’s Fall Sale offers its most popular purchase of 3 kits at a 37% savings!  

Want it? Get it!

Not sure where to begin? Suggestions on what to build can be found in photos and videos online at https://www.makeafort.fun/?v=e4b09f3f8402

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