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Xplora Smart Watch: The Fun Holiday Gift That Keeps Your Child Connected


Thanks to Xplora for sending two XGO2 watches in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Finding the perfect gift for the children in our lives can be difficult. With technology advances, games and toys we grew up with can seem outdated and not fun rather quickly.  Recently, I was talking to my sister about what my niece and nephew might want for Christmas. They have all the gaming systems, clothing, and things they could possibly want. My sister mentioned that the oldest, age 11, was asking about smart watches but was hesitant about purchasing one for her. 

Smart Watches have become the latest tech fad over the past couple of years. They help you stay connected to friends/ family with abilities to read and respond to texts, social media, measure activity, and of course.. tell time. As I just recently invested in my own smartwatch, I understand the fascination.  Yet, I also understand that watches for kids can be lost, stolen, or even broken. 

When I heard about Xplora, I became intrigued at their offerings. I had already looked into smartwatches for kids but was not sure about the expense versus tech, what would intrigue my niece and nephew, and what components they actually need! Xplora covers all of this with their affordable but fun smart watches- made and designed specifically for children! 

The XGO2 is an affordable watch that offers some features smart watches offer. While offering some of the traditional features- including being waterproof, responses to calls/texts, a camera, and even GPS; it also offers a platform that I think my niece and nephew will love.

Most kids are not as active as generations past. The Xplora smartwatch collection aims to get kids active by counting their steps and turning it into a competition! Taking part in physical activity offline allows kids the chance to earn rewards for virtual settings (like games and movies). For every 1000 steps taken a coin can be earned. Collect coins and redeem them on the Xplora GOPlay platform.

The smartwatch itself can receive calls from preapproved contacts. Children can receive text messages, voice messages, emojis, and respond to preapproved contacts. Watches can be purchased with a 12/24 month contract with a SIM card or can be purchased with a monthly pay as you go SIM card option. Create an account, choose a payment plan, and off your child goes to enjoy their watch! Don't forget to purchase the screen protector too! 

The XGO2 runs on Android OS, is 4G, 3G, and 2G compatible and offers GPS + security features. There is even an SOS option to set up emergency calls! Watches also have "school mode", which is super important for a successful and fun learning environment. Being able to tell the time but avoid playing is definitely achievable during school hours. 

Available in black, pink, yellow, and blue, this watch will be the dream Christmas gift this year! 

The XGO2 comes with a pre-installed Xplora Connect SIM card. The SIM card is easily activated by scanning the barcode in the Quick User Guide.


In the activation process you will have three different contract options.

2 year plan - $7.99 per month
1 year plan - $9.99 per month
Pay as you go - $11.99 per month

The Xplora Connect SIM comes with unlimited data & voice.
  • Data is how your device will be able to access the GPS location of your Xplora watch.
  • Text is how you will be able to send text messages / SMS to your Xplora watch.
  • Voice is needed for calling to your Xplora watch, which comes with a built-in microphone.

Xplora has a history of providing wonderful products designed for children so I'm excited to see how my niece and nephew enjoy this watch. If you are looking for a great children's smart watch, Xplora definitely has a watch for you! 

We are proud to feature Xplora  in our MBP 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to the guide to see all the great suggestions for this holiday season!

Want it? Get it! 

Choose your Xplora GO2 Watch and get ready for the fun to start! 

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Do you have a smart watch? Do your kids?

Stay tuned for a later follow-up and learn how my niece and nephew have enjoyed theirs! 

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