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Will You Make Resolutions For The New Year?

Thinking about making new year resolutions gives me a little anxiety.

When I was younger, I remember physically writing out a list of things I wanted to change or plans I wanted to accomplish in the coming year. I think this is great! Why not?! I'm not saying resolutions are not fantastic, but the older I get, the less likely I am to put pen to paper and make a list.

Instead, I find myself reflecting, praying and thinking about the year that has passed and the year that is to be. I recall fond moments and smile. I bring myself back to the difficult times and let those feelings emerge as well. I began doing this about two years ago when I lost my best friend to cancer. 

I no longer felt the need to make resolutions or try to "change" something. It became almost like a life purpose to live in the moment and embrace my NOW for exactly what it is. It's fantastic to have goals and I truly think we should all have some sort of tentative goal for our future, but I no longer concede to making resolutions when the new year is approaching. 

My goals for every single year remain the same: 

NEVER take my relationships for granted.
Love the people in my life as fully as I desire to be loved. 
Set boundaries. 
Speak to God, first. 
Be present.
Be available. 
Do not take anything too seriously.

Do you make resolutions? What are some goals for your 2022? I truly hope and pray it is a blessed one!



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