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Where Have I been The Past Year?


Hi everyone, it's me, Brittany! If you've been wondering where I've been, or why you haven't seen many posts from me lately, let me get you caught up. I'm not sure how we have managed to already make it to the end of the year, but here we are. I took some time off from the blog this year to focus on my 9-5 job at a skilled nursing facility. I went from working the weekends, to working in-week, to working nights, getting promoted to a new position, having to take back my old position, to recently being given back the position I had been promoted to. It's been nuts, I've learned a lot, but I've definitely missed being a part of this wonderful team. 

Cory's grandfather passed away in June, and with his passing came his Mom moving to Oklahoma and in with us. We also have something in the works for our family, but there's more to come on that later! After his Mom moved in with us, we all quickly realized that our 1300 square foot home is way too small for three grown adults and four dogs! ( Oh Yeah, we got a new dog!) We're now hoping to put our home on the market and purchase a larger home that will better fit all of us. However, with the housing market the way it is, it's going to be a difficult and long process. I'm really hoping to be able to take you all along with us as we hunt for our new home. 

There are a few other things that we've got going on, but that's for another day! 

If you've bought or sold your home in this crazy market, I'd love to hear from you, leave me some tips in the comments below! 

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