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What's the best gift you have ever given?


I had the wonderful opportunity to come visit family in my hometown yesterday. I don't get to every Christmas- the schedules clash, I'm too exhausted after busy church seasons, I'm sick (usually from pushing too hard during church seasons.).

Last night, my niece and nephew opened up their gifts and I've opened mine from my sister. We are both incredibly hard to buy gifts for each other. We don't need anything, we usually get what we want, and neither of us wants the other to spend money on each other. We often take trips throughout the year where we will go on adventures rather than buying items. 

It got me thinking- what's the best gift you have ever given to someone? 

The best gifts are not about the cost. They are not about the actual product. They are not about whether it's the biggest and latest name brand item. 

The best gifts are from the heart. The best gifts are simple. The best gifts let the recipient know that you love them, care about them, and are thinking about them. 

The best gift I've given was surprising my mom at Christmastime. I can never surprise her on actual Christmas Eve or Christmas day because of the nature of my job. My sister and I decided to keep it a secret that I was coming home. She had no idea!

I showed up at her door, unannounced, and knocked. When she opened the door, she was so surprised! That year, the best gift I gave was one of love!

This year, I hope that you give some great gifts- but remember, no matter how much the item's value is, the best gift that people love is usually your presence and thought. 

Merry Christmas!

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