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Suprise Gifts Under the Tree With Artza Christmas Box #MBPHGG21 #Review


This post contains affiliate links. We will be compensated if you click on a link and make a purchase. Thanks Arza for sending the Christmas Box in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Did your parents have to hide the Christmas Gifts from you until Christmas Morning? Would you always try to "sneak peek" what your gifts might be? There is something magical about Christmas gifts- under the wrapping paper and boxes, there is an element of surprise. As we rip into the paper and tear the bows, we are excited and joyful at the gift we are about to receive! 

This Christmas, surprise the entire family with the Artza Christmas box! Full of wonderful products from Israel, your entire family can celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus while supporting existing artisans in Israel. The best part is- the entire box is a SURPRISE! 

There is wonderful joy in celebrating Christmas, full of surprises, full of life, full of fellowship and family. Artza boxes will help teach you about Jesus, help keep God's love as a priority in your family, and will help you experience the magical joy of Christmas.

We don't know what's in the Christmas box, but we do know that all Artza boxes are full of great and amazing products. In the regular box, there are 8 handcrafted products (gifts, food items, scriptures, decor) that will transport you to Israel and take you in a journey through Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem. Grab the premium box and receive a limited edition art item along with your other artisanal products. 

Artza is a subscription box company that aims to connect us with the life and footsteps of Jesus through the delivery of artisan products. Boxes typically include something to eat, something to for the soul, something to inspire, something for the body, something to cook, something to cherish, something to taste, and something to learn. Each box comes with fact cards about the artisans who made the products in your box. 

Each box I've received, I have LOVED the journey. From Dead Sea Bath Salts to Small Ceramic Bowls, each product has been wonderful! I've loved learning about the artisans, the cities, and the places where Jesus once lived, preached, and taught. It's a mini-trip without needing to get onto an air plane! 

This Christmas make sure the Artza Christmas box is under your tree. Christmas Morning will be a beautiful surprise for your entire family! Boxes can be purchased individually (without subscriptions) to give as gifts to loved ones by contacting the Artza team for help. If you really want to gift love, gift your friends or family a quarterly or annual subscription. They can be stopped any time and are really fabulous surprises that show up in the mail! 

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Want it? Get it! 

Purchase your Artza Christmas Box  now and still get it in time for Christmas. 

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What surprises do you think are in the Artza Christmas Box?

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