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Peanut Butter PinWheel Candy Recipe


Growing up, we always had peanut butter pinwheel candy at Christmas. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter, watching my grandmother mix ingredients, form a dough, chill it, and roll it out later. We often stored it in tin canisters out on the screen porched when it was cold enough, otherwise in the freezer.  After my grandmother's death in fifth grade, my grandfather took over the tradition. In high school and beyond, I've been the sole family member to make it. 

My methods have changed over the years. In Maryland, it's a lot cooler at Christmas, so its easier to make. Down in the south, we can have 90 degree Christmas days (especially when I lived in Florida), so it can be harder to make when the weather isn't cool and humidity is high. 

I've also changed the type of milk over the years. We debate on whether my grandmother used condensed, evaporated, or regular milk. Regular Milk is too liquid and the dough doesn't set right. Evaporated Milk works, but I've found since I have lived in Wilmington, condensed milk helps make the dough set right for rolling. If the dough is too sticky and wet, it won't roll out correctly, then becomes a big mess. 

When I spent Christmas with a British Family, I even introduced the concept to them! They thought it was way too sweet.. but ya know! 

Condensed milk is generally sweet, so it does add that extra sugary factor. To cut down on the sweetness, I add some vanilla to bulk up the taste, but vanilla isn't necessary for the recipe! The end result is a wonderful concoction that is pure sugar... and addictive. Its like a Reeses Cup/ Buckeye without the chocolate! 

I use JIF creamy PB. Your Peanut Butter of choice works- but I've never tried crunchy. I've always been a JIF creamy girl!  The occasional year where I couldn't find JIF, I've used other brands, but not often. You can see- even in England back in 07, I used JIF! 

I have yet to make the PB candy this year, but will. In fact, the family has already mentioned it! I will probably make some here this weekend then do another batch when I visit the fam after Christmas. Maybe I'll even get my niece to learn. 

Want to give it a try? Here's my recipe!

What family food traditions do you have? Any memories associated with them? 

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