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Passing on the Faith with the Generation to Generation Kit from International Fellowship of Christians and Jews


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If your family is of the Christian faith, there is one central component to Christmas despite the many traditions out there: The Nativity. 

Each year that we celebrate Jesus' birth reminds us of God's unfailing and unending love for us. It also encourages each and everyone to let your faith be bigger than any fear.  For those of you who don't know, my full-time- job is as a congregational youth and family director in a Lutheran Church. I spent my days planning programming and worship so that children, teens, and adults grow in their faith. One thing I've noticed lately is that parents struggle to relate their own faith to their life experiences and struggle to talk about faith with their children. They want the "professional" to do it for them.

I only see my teens, children, and families for about two hours a week, unless you are super involved with the congregation. That means the rest of the time you and your child are at work, school, with friends, family, and out in the world. Therefore,  I'm trying to help you to teach your child to grow in their faith at home, so they can spread that love to others in their lives and communities as they grow up. 

As this Christmas season descends upon us, spend your holidays and new year focusing on developing your family's faith growth with the Generations Gift Kit from International Fellowship of Christian Jews. 

The kit contains:

  • Yael Eckstein's book Generation to Generation: Passing on a Legacy of Faith to Our Children
  • Generation to Generation Workbook
  • Holy Lands Moments Coloring Book
For those of you who don't know, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a non-profit that seeks to repair and build relationships with Jews and Christians, particularly providing life saving aid to Jews around the world. Founded in 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein, the organization has helped bring hope to Jewish people across the world and in Israel by helping immigrants, orphans/ poverty stricken families, the oppressed, and the persecuted. 

When Yael Eckstein took over the as CEO and President of the Organization, she knew that she needed to work hard to preserve the legacy of her family's Jewish tradition and pass on the faith to her children. While recognizing the need to pass on faith through home and family life, she has also helped millions across the world grow in their own faith by the work done through IFCJ. 

Generations to Generations describes Eckstein's own journey as she works to develop and pass on traditions in her own family. From learning about her heritage to teaching her children stories, traditions, and faith celebrations; she learns that God's light shines in every aspect of our daily life. 

The Generation to Generation Workbookis an important tool that helps families focus on the meaning from each of the chapter's in Eckstein's book.  It does focus on Christian traditions rather than Jewish, but it does discuss the Jewish traditions that Eckstein mentions in her book. This is a tool that is actually a great family devotional. While your littles might be too young to understand all of the book, you can certainly help walk them through your own family traditions, faith understandings, and scriptural references. Teaching your children through a special family time will help them learn the importance of faith growth as well. 

I'm all too aware that our lives are filled with noise and responsibilities. It leaves little time for peace and quiet.  But, if we take the time each day, as a family, to sit down and talk about God, talk about how God is at work in our lives, and talk about Scripture and how God is active in it, then our children will understand the importance of their faith. It really doesn't matter what faith tradition you are = Christian, Jewish, or other.. but its something that has to be done as a family. When you let other priorities take your attention,  when you only show up to worship once a month, or celebrate Sabbath when it's convenient, your children don't learn the the importance that worship, sabbath time, and rest time with God can have in their lives. 

I think the workbook is a wonderful tool to start those traditions. It walks the reader through each chapter, highlighting the important points, asking questions about the chapter, relates scriptural references to each chapter, offers time for you to reflect as the parent/ guardian about the boundaries you want to teach your children, and then offers a family time for you to reflect with your children. This work book is free when you purchase Eckstein's Generations to Generations book. 

The Holy Land Moments Coloring Book is a wonderful addition to this kit that contains 12 wonderful reflections (with scripture references) and coloring sheets. This resource would also make a great addition to any devotional resources your family may do together. Coloring is a great way to help kids learn and listen! 

This Christmas season, for those of you who celebrate the birth of Christ, the Messiah, this kit is a wonderful tool for you to learn, teach, and develop the faith of your family into the new year.  Full of hope, full of love, full of growth, this kit will definitely make a difference in the faith lives of each of your family members! Not only will bible stories and traditions be brought to life for you, you will be able to reflect and ponder how God's love is shining brightly in your life every day. 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase Generation to Generation: Passing on the Legacy of Faith to Our Children and the Holy Land Coloring book from International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

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