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How To Plan A Safe & Entertaining Festive Event This Season


After an isolated Christmas last year, you will want to plan something this time around. But the virus is still here, and you cannot expect to go big without proper planning. However, you can have a private festive gathering at a chosen venue. It is a good option if you want to invite more people but are short of space at home. A longer guest list and apprehensions about the virus require you to go the extra mile with safety and entertainment this year. It need not stress you out as you only need to address some concerns to host a perfect event. Here are some tips that cover both fronts. 

Choose a safe venue

Booking a safe venue should be your top priority. Ensure it is spacious enough to accommodate your guests without crowding. An outdoor party will be safer from the virus perspective. But ensure that you have some coverage to protect your guests from the cold weather. Consider the location because an isolated place may not be accessible. Additionally, there is always a risk of unauthorized people gatecrashing in when the venue is not secure. 

Plan movement and social distancing

After choosing the venue for the event, plan movement and social distancing. The idea is to ensure that the attendees can socialize without flouting the distancing norms. Consider a proper seating plan following the pandemic-safety rules. Choose the apt games and activities for entertainment without crowding. A little planning can make the event enjoyable without any risks. 

Prioritize guest safety 

Besides virus safety, the physical security of the guests also matters. When you have a relatively larger gathering, the risks of uninvited guests abound. Some may enter with wrong intentions. It makes sense to hire uniformed security guards for the event. Just having them around is enough to dissuade criminals. Even if someone tries to cause trouble, these professionals deal with them. Having guards at the entrance gives you peace of mind, and you can have a good time. 

Skip serving alcoholic drinks

Serving alcohol during celebrations may only spoil the fun. Your guests may end up drinking more than they can handle. Brawls and fights are common in events where drinking gets out of control. It is a good idea to skip serving alcoholic drinks this season so that you have one thing less to worry about. You can have mocktails and juices on the drinks menu instead. Just picking some creative options is enough to impress your guests. 

Ensure Covid protocols

Do not forget to implement Covid protocols at your Christmas event this year. Start by ensuring that everyone on the guest list is fully vaccinated and convey the requirement while inviting them. Masking should be mandatory to keep the virus at bay. Setting up hand sanitizing stations around the venue is a good idea. Get the place disinfected before the party starts.

Planning an event this Christmas may take extra work with entertainment and safety. But the effort is worthwhile as you can celebrate as usual without worrying about anything else.

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