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Holiday Traveling

This year E is able to come home for Christmas and I am so excited.  I am not excited for the prospects available to get him home because who can afford flights right now? A one way ticket was going to be between $600 and $1000. One way? No thank you. The thought of making the 13 hour car trip was not fun for me so we opted for the train. Still a 13 hour trip, but the cost was more than reasonable.

E was traveling from North Carolina to NYC. His train from the beginning was delayed 2 hours and it set off a ripple effect. He was still 4 hours from NYC when his connecting train departed. Having never used the train in my adult life, I am freaking out. I am already worried that the busyness around Grand Central Station will get him lost... now how will he get home? Am I driving to Manhattan? 
I call the train company and cannot get through to anyone live for 3 hours. My anxiety is sky high and I'm trying not to be stressed, but of course that's not helping. 
After eventually getting through via a chat feature through text, I was told E's ticket would be guaranteed so he would get an updated ticket for the next train. 3 hours later than scheduled, I got to hug my baby. He will be getting my old truck for a car so he can drive back to North Carolina. I'm not sure if travel will be in my future unless I can drive there because the experience to get him home was not fun. However, I want to remind all of you including myself, you catch more flies with honey. Be nice to the customer agents that are working to help you. They are more willing to help that way.

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