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Grooming Gifts Your Guy Will Go Nuts for from Happy Nuts


Thanks to Happy Nuts for providing product for review. All thoughts are my own.

One of the top gifts that I see on the wish lists of all of the guys in my family is typically the same- men's grooming products. With so many different brands and products on the market for guys these days, it can be difficult to narrow it down when it comes to choosing the right ones for gifts. I try my best to think outside of the box and go with gifts that my guys may not have heard of, or are just plain too awesome to ignore, like Happy Nuts.

You read that correctly- Happy Nuts! It's all in the name... great scented men's personal care products that keep their jewels jolly year-round. Happy Nuts products are proudly made in the USA, and guys all over the country are raving about how happy they are with these awesome products. I live with two guys who sweat, and if you know anything about sweat, you know that it usually also equals stink! Happy Nuts aims to tackle common problems that all men deal with- keeping fresh and feeling comfortable.

Keep your guy comfortable with Happy Nuts Comfort Cream and Nut & Body Wash.

Two stand-out products from Happy Nuts are the Comfort Cream and Nut & Body Wash. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream applies as a refreshing lotion and quickly dries into a no-mess, silky-smooth powder layer. No more dumping powder down those undies, guys! Comfort Cream is the solution you need. Say goodbye to sweat, chafing, and unwanted smells - all while soothing and repairing the area. It goes on smoothly, and smells great!

The Happy Nuts Nut & Body Wash is a great alternative to your run-of-the-mill soaps and body wash formulas- you know- the ones that smell like a forest but don't actually leave you feeling clean? This awesome body wash is A pH-balanced and plant-based wash that cleanses and hydrates skin to keep your junk, junk-free.

Happy Nut Soaps make great stocking stuffers!

Don't forget about their awesome-smelling soaps! The Man Slab is just what it sounds like. A slab of soap designed for men. Clean the way nature intended. There are tons of different scents to choose from, and they all smell amazing. My favorite is the grapefruit zest!

Their handmade bar soap is produced using all-natural ingredients to lather and cleanse, keeping your nuts fresher than a spring day. Bundle and save! You can purchase a Man Slab Bundle to experience multiple scents. Bundles make great gifts!

I think the guys in my family will go nuts for Happy Nuts soaps and their other products, too! And ladies- this is the type of gift that keeps on giving... it's a gift for your guy, but also a gift for you! Say goodbye to those stinkies and get ready to cuddle up with your guy with a mug of cocoa!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Happy Nuts to see their full product line. Grab those awesome bundles and give them as gifts this holiday season. Your guy's jewels will shine once more! Connect with Happy Nuts on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss out on Happy news!

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