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Give The Gift of Good Skin With Holiday Stocking Stuffers From Cocunat #MBPHGG21

Thanks so much to Cocunat for providing products to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

If you have followed our page for any length of time, you probably know how much I love all natural skincare and beauty products.

I've talked quite a bit about my love for Cocunat products. Specifically, I have showcased the higher end skincare products that have been a game changer for my face. I've also talked about the haircare products and how my curls came back to life after using the curly girl products from Cocunat. 

Today, with Christmas just a step around the corner, I wanted to highlight what I believe are the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for anyone in your life that loves skincare products. I personally think everyone loves skincare products, they just may not know it yet. Once you get into a skincare routine that works and you find products that change your face for the better, you become a believer. 

During the holiday season, I find myself wearing more makeup than usual and that's been fun but it's also rough on my skin. I know that the way I cleanse my makeup makes a difference in the health of the skin on my face. I was really interested in trying out the Total Cleansing Milk and Micellar Water 3 in 1.

This beautiful little trio is seriously divine. While full price, they are worth every penny, there is an incredible sale happening right now that I suggest you take a look at yesterday! The Micellar Water is on sale for just over $9 and the Total Cleansing Milk is just $7.50! What?! Guys, these are HIGH end products. These products use the absolute best ingredients and deliver on their promises. I can't believe these prices right now and I'm not sure how long they will be this low. 
I would say run over to the Cocunat website and pick up a few skincare products to add to the stockings on your mantle this year! I'm also crazy excited to share about the WonderMask. I've used it two-three times a week now for two weeks straight and my skin feels incredible.

This little beauty is also on sale for $40 and a tiny bit goes a long way. This will be a re-purchase for me and is easily the best mask I have ever used. It gently exfoliates and lifts dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving behind a buttery soft complexion. My family laughs at me when I come out of my room with "mud" on my face but I'm so thankful they get to see what self-care looks like in real life. I want my kids to know how important it is to care for the skin we are in. 

I knew I would love these products, but I wasn't sure about the Unbeatable deodorant. Lasts for up 7 days? That's a big claim! The reason I wanted to try this deodorant is quite practical. I had used an all natural powder deodorant for years. Randomly, it began to give me a severe rash and the same thing happened for my sister-in-law. This was pretty upsetting to me! I tried another purchase and the same thing happened again. Time to move on and find a new deodorant. Knowing how sensitive my skin is and knowing how important this issue is to Cocunat, I gave Unbeatable a go. 

It comes in a cute little tub. You simply use your fingernail to scoop a tiny bit out, warm it in your fingers and apply to your armpits directly. I've found myself applying this deodorant about every 3-4 days. I can even shower, wash thoroughly and still do not need to reapply. One Unbeatable lasts at least four months and right now, it's $9.84! This is a crazy sale so head over and jump on it fast. 

If any of these products appeal to you, I truly suggest you grab them quickly. This is the best sale I've seen from Cocunat. I would recommend these products at their full price so these prices are the icing on the cake. 


Visit Cocunat's website to scope out the perfect skincare, body and haircare products to fill your stockings with this holiday season! You can also check Cocunat out on Facebook and Instagram so you stay informed when sales are taking place. 

Thanks again to our kind friends at Cocunat for partnering with us this holiday season! We absolutely love sharing these amazing products with you and hope you will love them too. Be sure to check back regularly to Mommy's Block Party for our favorite last minute gift ideas as Christmas gets closer!



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