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Gift the Ultimate Comfort with Portable Throws and Heritage Duvets Filled with Luxurious Raw Silk #MBPHGG21

Need a gift for that hard to buy person? Why not give the gift of luxury? Gift KAILU’s hypoallergenic, luxurious duvets or throws made with extraordinary raw silk - the highest-grade long-strand mulberry silk available.

To the Ancient Chinese, silk is nature’s highest luxury. To KAILU, founded in 2018, it is a time-honored way to open the road for those who are curious about the world, ready to explore new ideas and discover new experiences, and desirous of meaningful goods that benefit others and themselves.

Raw silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and microbes, as well as being temperature-regulating and supremely breathable. 

About Raw Silk

Legend has it that Empress Lei Zu discovered silk while having her afternoon tea some five thousand years ago. A cocoon fell into her tea, the heat unraveled the silk, and she stretched the fine filament across her garden. She then asked for a grove of mulberry trees to create the finest mulberry silk — a closely guarded secret for thousands of years to follow. Eventually, the secret spread westward. And with the paving of the Silk Road came the exchange of ideas and cultures among traders and travelers.

In villages that once outfitted emperors, local artisans infuse history and heritage into handmade bedding. For hundreds of years, families passed down the traditions of silk farming and hand stretching raw silk. Today, KAILU works closely with their descendants to develop, and hand-make an ideal duvet — one that combines old-world techniques and modern design for a luxurious, unsurpassed sleep experience. Rather than reeling and weaving the silk into traditional fabrics, their artisans leave it in its natural state — raw and perfectly imperfect — then hand stretch it into luxurious layers.

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  1. These look and sound so luxurious. I would never want to get out of bed!


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